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TKD and Carbs Plus MCT


Hi Christian,

When following a TKD and you reach low levels of body fat, for your experience, when is the best time to increase the carbs to maximize the prices cause such low levels let you keep progressing?

From TKD I could progress until reach this situation precontest:

60 min before: 1/2 Finibar and at one point I only use Mag-10

15 min before: 1/3 drink ( 2-3 Plazma)

During: 2/3

30 min after: Mag-10

60-90 min after: only solid protein meal

So the plan is increase carbs, specially using a high volumen of training.

Would you put preworkout all of them? For instance, 1 Finibar or a meal with more or less the same ratio
of carbs? Would we ensure such carbs are gonna cover the workout and the glycogen stores?

Another question is related to MCT. Some competitors use MCT or only C8 and to reach stay in ketosis. Some times you talked about them for energy without carbs, but do you really thing they are worth it for get ketosis quick?


I like to use MCT oil pre workout with clients who don’t handle carbs well. Using a combination of MCT oil + carbs also works well especially if a) volume is high… or b) someone is insulin resistant or c) volume is very high. Dr.Serrano likes to combine carbs and fat pre workout