TJM Press + Squat Log

So back into training after a hiatus, decided to start a log to hold myself accountable.

Going to be using The Juggernaut Method template to increase my Press and Front Squat, also working on deadlifts as a side lift. I will be working Push Press as my secondary upper body lift and will be inverting the reps and sets in the 10s and 8s waves just to get a bit more practice in.

Weight is currently sitting at 96kg, 16%ish with a goal of a 2XBW Front Squat and 1.25XBW Press in the next few years, previous best was 102kg Press and 155kg front Squat, currently at 75kg and 125kg for each respectively after testing. Will post up today’s session soon.


10s Accumulation Phase - Press




Rear Delt Raises

Press is still feeling rusty, still clean reps though and no form break. Happy with this so far, more to come kids.

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I’m in to follow your progress! Have you used the juggernaut method before or is it the first time ?

No back squat/bench for you at all ?

Used it before, never really gave it the full shot it deserved though, having shoulder issues so the sub maximal work involved seems beneficial for me, also the reason back Squat and Bench are omitted for now, will cycle them in as and when my mobility is back up to scratch.