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TJ Still Hot

I have read another board that some of the spots down in TJ are hot (watched by policia, dea). I have been “partying” down there since 1991 without incident. Well, sort of. In 2003, I had a scary incident with the policia. Not as bad as ru12nvme, but nontheless very scary. I have been reluctant to post my experiences because I am too paranoid.

I know that place like the back of my hand, but since I live too far away (6hrs) I never know what to expect each time I go. Someone metioned some “recent happenings” and since I am going down in the near future I figured I would inquire.

I am not asking for tips or places(don’t need this info), nor will I answer such questions in a post. I just need to gauge the “climate” before my trip.

thanks bro. I might try those other places out.

I was rolled by the TJ polica in JAN 2003 with over $5000 in “souvenirs”, and it was a nightmare. It almost cost me my freedom. After that I switched places and have been successful every since. I have recently heard a rumor that this place is working with the DEA. So I am a little leary.

I was down there in the past couple of months. Brought back some numerous goodies, no probs. I don’t know how most people cross, but we drove to the border, rode the bus across, and then took the bus back across to where we had parked our car. I can tell you that they are leary of having stuff in the shops right now.
Some people I know order a bunch of pain meds from a shop I went to, and they didn’t have it in the store. They didn’t want in the store for more than 5 minutes. I hope this helps you out, good luck.


Yes, that puts me at ease a little more. I just get really paranoid before I go down because there is a lot of risk. I’ve done it so many times, I just wonder when my luck is going to run out.

Thanks bro

Thanks for posting this. I visit SD & TJ often.

What was interesting to me was that people who walked across the line had to pass through metal detectors, and had their bags go through an x-ray machine. We got off the bus, waited in line, a customs officer looked at my passport, asked what I was carrying (a big ceramic pot), and let us through. Of course, you can drive, but the line was horribly long.