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Titus/ Ryan Wanted for Murder


Did you guys see this? Holy shit!


I see another arguement on the politics forum. I'll give my vote right now : if brought to trial and found guilty , lethal injection.


Holy shit!

I googled it but couldn't find any corroborating reports. If anyone finds anything else please post it.

Titus has a criminal record, and a temper, but murder?



there is a video on it a the above site.



short article on it above


Just did a scan on some of the other BB message boards and this story is everywhere. Obviously, they are innocent until proven guilty, but it looks bad.


Apparently, only the Vegas area TV news stations are reporting the story so far.



the story says that warrants were issued, so my guess is that they got a story out of the captured guy that titus did it, and ryan helped. I would guess theyre both already in Mexico jabbin' test.


WOW!!! That would be a huge blow to bodybuilding's image again!!!


Bodybuilding has an image? What might it be?





Damn it!! Just when we had cleaned it up to shining perfection...this happens!!

Craig Titus may not have done this, but his overall personality and attitude won't exactly help his image. This sounds like a CSI episode...only without a one liner leading into the theme song, some specifically timed special effects and a full confession at the end of the show.


and dont forget a labratory full of gorgeous women.


Good Point!!!!!!!


Oh great, now you ruined it for me!


"Wow, Grisham, this one looks like it's going to be a tough case. One badly burned body, a car in the middle of nowhere, and nothing but this stash of string tank tops, spandex and a men's g-string with glitter on it with the name TITUS stitched on the back"

"Yes, one might say it would be a 'heavy' case, in dead"



I've got $10 that says it's an actual episode on CSI or Law and Order within a year!!!


anyone want to put money on these possible scenarios?

  • Craig and Kelly have always been rumoured to have wild sex involving another chick. perhaps things got out of control...

  • Craig is involved in some steroid cartell and this young lady found out. threatened to bust him. he axes her.

  • Kelly is pissed off because she never won the Fitness O. flips out, kills the nearest thing. Craig buries the dog in the lawn. Craig flies off the handle because he hasn't won a pro contest, kills the nearest thing. Kelly stuffs her into a trunk.

all i could come up with- its early. best of luck craig and kelly, but i don't see a merry christmas in your future. blame my magic eight ball


Very scary, but #4 is actually plausible!!!


"Ripped from the headlines"
I laugh my ass off whenever they say that.