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Tito vs Shamrock


I only recently started following mma, but I remember hearing about hte shamrock-ortiz match, something about tito showboating in a match against a lions den opponent, so there was genuine bad blood, etc. I watched the match last night and at the end they hugged, it seemed like everything was cool. so what happened between then and now that shamrock went after tito when they were both announced as TUF 3 coaches. Was that just publicity stunt bs or did tito run his mouth again after the fight?


I do believe they genuinely hate eachother, sure the show is going to heighten this but it's there.

...and I don't see Ken Shamrock winning this second bout against Tito on July 8th. Tito has the ability to get under Ken Shamrock's skin and get him razzled, not that it seems that hard to do.

Their personalities are like oil and water I figure.


Every time I see Shamrock and Ortiz get in a 'confrontation', I just shake my head.

I honestly believe that a lot of this is scripted, especially how Shamrock just flies off the handle for no apparent reason. That, or he's bipolar. But, come on, he is a former WWF wrestler.

Couple that with a lot of the bullshit decisions I've seen in favour of fighters that the UFC is grooming for superstardom (ie: TUF graduates), and I can't help but think the UFC is turning into the WWF.


Basically it goes like this. Tito fought Guy Mezger in UFC 13 and lost via submission. Later, in UFC 19, Tito beat Guy Mezger in the rematch and proceeded to flip off the Lion's Den team in Mezger's corner. Ken Shamrock took offense to this and told Tito that he should learn some respect.

It went on like this for awhile, lots of name-calling, bickering like little girls, Tito won the belt and then had a fallout with Dana/UFC. Tito thought he should be getting paid more, and in the eyes of others, it seemed as if Tito thought he was a bigger deal than he really was.

While this was going on, the legend that is Shamrock was wrestling in the WWF, and later losing to Fujita because, well basically, he quit.

Tito thinks Ken is a joke, and in Ken's warped mind, he still thinks he has to prove himself to everyone and anyone.

A lot of things I'm sure happened behind the scenes and I am sure I'm leaving some things out, but eventually they fought. After more bickering and a near brawl at the UFC 40 press conference, they fought at UFC 40 Vendetta, where Tito basically beat him into a mutant looking resemblance of the guy from the Goonies.

What most people don't know, however, is that Shamrock was fighting with a torn ACL, and was unable to fully train. In their contract clause, there was a mandatory rematch stated because Shamrock and his corner figured he would lose but did not want to pull out of the fight.

Supposedly, once Shamrock was healthy, Ortiz ducked him for awhile, and thus the animosity built.

While I don't see Shamrock winning, he has looked impressive in some of his fights, and even though he quit during the Fujita fight, he actually looked really good. Sprawled effectively and aggresively, almost knocked the much larger and stronger Fujita out, and almost choked him out as well. If he can come in the fight in that fighting shape with obviously more conditioning figuring he is 100%, I really think this fight could surprise a lot of people.

The End.


Don't forget the "Gay Metzger is my bitch" t-shirt that Tito put on after he beat Metzger.


Haha ah yes, how could I forget.


Oh yeah, here's a pic of my nephew talking to Shamrock after UFC 40.


I think that Tito is trying to be the nice guy now, but if he wasn't I thought that something with "Slamcock" in it would make for a good shirt after this fight. It's so genius that I almost crapped myself when my mind came up with "Ken Slamcock" the other night when they showed him in the crowd.

You know, many athletes reach a point where they realize it's time to exit the sport gracefully. Unfortunately, Ken hasn't been savagely beaten hard enough yet to come to this realization. Let us all pray that Tito can finally send him out to pasture.


haha, you know where shamrock looked really impressive? Against Rich Franklin...hahahahhaha. He fought so poorly I was halfway convinced he threw the fight on purpose.


It's funny that Shamrock is accusing Tito of acting like a nice guy now. In reality, his old persona was an act. A very, very entertaining act, but an act nonetheless.


What are you talking about? He had some sweet high kicks!


Are you really trying to take credit for coming up with "Ken Slamcock"? Just the other night, huh? Funny, that's been his deragatory nickname for like 2 years now.


I've got Tito whipping Shamrocks roided ass.


Wasn't taking credit for it, I had read it awhile ago on Sherdog and just remembered it when his picture came up. It made me laugh heartily. I was referring to seeing Tito wearing a shirt that said that as genius.


Are you serious??? I thought he fought pretty damn well considering he was drunk and just started his first cycle of Parkinson Disease medication.


At least he didn't start having a Fujita induced heart attack.

"Petey, it's my heart"


I would prefer to see a 'Please Recycle' T-shirt with 'I just crushed the Worlds Most Dangerous Can' on the back.


After watching that last season of Ultimate Fighter I don't know how you could root for Ken. The dude is an absolute asshole.


Yeah Tito's persona was and is very entertaining and it was exactly what the UFC was missing. Instead of just billing the UFC as singular force, they need to start building the fighters persona instead of just slapping a Xyience shirt on them, so some personality can shine through, whether good or bad it makes a fight contain more action and reaction.

By the way great posts guys, and nice recap on the Shamrock Ortiz feud.

I have a question for you guys, do you think a 42-43 year old has a realistic chance with a 31 year-old in his prime, how much is age a factor? I can think of Randy Couture at 40 as still dominate. Are there any 40 and up UFC, Pride or other leagues of fighters who are still dominate?

I agree in another post about Shamrock being a good fighter but never a great nor a legendary fighter, but this is where marketing and personality come through.


without guys like shamrock, the sport would not be where it is today. he's a tough SOB, limited in todays game, but still tough as nails. if he comes in 100% healthy he could surprise tito, although i don't really see him winning. the franklin fight was a joke. it looked like a fix. the UFC seems to be notorious for shady decisions and fight results which put certain guys over.