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Tito Raymond - Front Squat 315x14


Tito Raymond 5'7" 185lbs frontsquatting 315lbs for 14 reps!
I don't think there are too many strength/power/speed athletes that could match this....
Ok maybe he gets a little bit of help from Mike O'Hearn later on, but someone said he saw him squat 495lbs for 8 reps and bench 315 for 8-10 reps as well. He's a freak! He competes around 176lbs, so he's pretty lean here.

I think that squashes that BB'er sarcoplasmic hypertrophy myth :slight_smile:
Doesn't surprise me a lot of these guys can get up if they decide to jump


Dabaya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkK9-mnDAy4



yes, but he's a midget, and is wearing oly shoes and a belt :wink:
And he does specialise on olys off course


Solid effort. Front squatting for reps is hard as hell, props to the guy.


Dabaya is the stronger athlete. He weighs about 25lbs less then Tito Raymond too.

Thats crazy strong from a young guy. He prob out lifts everyone in that gym.


yes, he weighs less because he doesn't work his guns or bench :slightly_smiling:


haha....so true. Olympic weightlifter dont focus much on the guns.