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Titleist 45 Training and Diet Log


basically i decided id try my hand at one of these. I've been training for over two years now. currently 20 years of age, 6'2 and 220 pounds.
right now I'm at the beginning of diet for summer. week 4 nearly down now. I'm training mountain dog by john meadows and love his techniques.

my diet atm goes like this
carbs 115g
protein 250g
fat 90g
5 meals per day(carbs at breakfast, post workout and meal after workout)
began at 150g carbs and reduced 30g after 3 weeks. will take out another thirty in a week or two.

cardio is 30 mins liit 5 a week after workout.
split is as follows

shoulders and traps
abs done twice per week, 12 sets both times.


today was shoulders
all weights in kgs

seated barbell press 12r-50, 10-60,10-62,8-65,6-70kh

seated lat raises 4 sets of 15(last set drop set) 12.5 kg

x pulls(rear delts) 4 sets of 15 with 20k stack

bbell shrugs 4sets 15 reps(ramped to 80kg-1s hold at top)strip set last
rope upright row 4sets 15 with 45 kg

ABS incline cable sit ups, hanging leg raises, side to side rope crunches

20 mins on step mill

weighed myself today, shit result, only lost .6kg in two weeks due to drinking twice and stupid eating!!!
drink now gone for 4 weeks


legs today... good session

lying leg curls 2x20, 1x14, 1x12, 1x35(hams DEAD) 6p,8pl,12pl 6pl

leg press 3x16(no lockout) very heavy 170 x 16

squats 3x6 100kgx6

squat machine 1 N 1/2 3x8 60x8

stiff leg deads 3x12 1x12x10x10drop set 80x12

30 minute step mill cardio

driving home..... no fun


chest today

incline dell press 5 sets of 8 30kg,32.5,35,37,37

decline smith machine 25,20,12,10-10-10 50,50,60,60,50,40

flat bench(pause at bottom) 4x6 61kg

pec minor dips (3 sets of 9)

abs sidetwists + leg raises x3 and crunches +rope cruchnes 3

intercvals on stepper 2 mins slow 1 min fast x6

stupid cheat meal last night!! ate everything in site ... sick of it now and time to take responsibility... no more cheats until drop 2kg! after 4kg i will use shelby starnes


today was back

dbell rows 3-8
meadows rows 3-12,10,8 -30,35,37
chins 3x10bw
narrow pull down 60x4+1 drop set
machine row3x15 each arm (30)
deads 100x10 and 130 x8

cardio 30 min stepmill

diet 115g carbs, 90g fat, 250 g protein