Titan Training

Hey guys I’m aware that a lot of people on this forum are accustom to leo costa’s BBB and his “Titan Training”. I’ve completed his BBB program and I have two quick questions about titan training. He calls the three weeks after the primary 8 weeks of the program “specialization”. Do you really only work on one body part for 3 weeks after the 8 week training?

One last question…I pretty sure one of the main guys on this forum said that it would be A LOT more reasonable to do 4x4 muscle rounds instead of the written 4x6 (I can’t find the thread where this was stated). Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m pretty stoked to get started on this program.

EDIT: I found the thread. DH pointed out the 4x4 muscle round substitute. I’m definitely going to do 4x4…I can’t imagine doing 4x6 muscle rounds and not overtraining.

Still trying to BBB III workout, I made it to week 5 ramp 1 and hurt my quad. So I’m starting over, I know the Titan looks very demanding, I have read the info on it, just haven’t stepped up yet. Maybe later on this year for winter.

I’d do a google search, I know I found a ton of info on the Titan on other forums also.

Good luck.