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Titan Training

Hey everybody. I’m new to this board and am very impressed with the knowledge that most of you possess on all topics discussed. I been following the growth surge recs. for a week and a half now, two-a-day workouts, supplements (inserted mag-10), and diet with the exception of relacing most dietary fat with carbs. I have gained 7.5 lbs. thus far yet did not measure bodyfat at all for i don’t care at this point. It’s January! At 5300 calories a day thougn I thought I would pork out rather quickly. However, besides feeling somewhat bloated by the end of the day I haven’t noticed any real increase with the skinfold pinches on my gut, arms and legs. It is merely a very subjective pinch with my fingers but my pants don’t feel any tighter in the morning than they did a week and a half ago. I am 5’ 10"@ 188lbs. I would guess I am around 12% body fat as I have had tests done in the past and know what 12% feels like.

I have gotten much stronger in the gym though. Squats up from 275x10 to 325x10. Bench from 185x6 to 225x6. All others up as well. I am sorry I didn’t take better fat analysis but I didn’t plan on responding to this forum. However, I feel so good right now that I just feel I have to share it (please tell me I didn’t just sound like a woman!). My workouts are spectacular. In fact almost orgasmic at times. It must be the Mag-10 as I have taken all other supllements that I am taking now in the past (150 out 0f 400 grms. protein is whey powder daily, GNC megamen vitas., flaxseed oil, 80 mg. aspirin).

I do have one question though. I do not want to have to buy supllements for the rest of my life. Even as good as Mag-10 appears to be (I realize some of my enthusiasm might come form the placebo effect but believe me, most of it is Mag-10. I have been busting my balls in the gym and have not hurt as much as I usually do. DOMs has been a very dull yet intoxicating experience lately.)I want to get to 200 lbs. @ 8-10% bodyfat and stay there. Have any of you heard of Titan Training by Optimum Training Systems? I have Big Beyond Belief and that book alone brought me from a 155lbs. plataeu to 176 lbs. at about the same skinfold fat level (though % went down). There system was great. I just need to know if Titan is any different as it is supposed to be better than BBB and I want something to train with after Mag-10 (and of course ‘M’ and Tribex between cycles). Thanks.

I ordered the Titan manual last year,but have not tried the system.However I gave it to a friend to try,he did not experience any noticeable results.We had previously trained together on a slightly modified version of OTS’s BBB 2x a day routine and got great results. I would be interested to hear any others’ feedback on this routine.

Yeah, Titan Training is an ok workout. Sometimes, I feel overtrained at the end of the week if I push too hard though. In terms of mass, they have these things called “muscle rounds” which work pretty well at putting on mass, but they don’t help in the strength category. I like the way they periodize everything though. Their basic plan is to have the first part of the week as strength workouts and the second half of the week as high volume muscle rounds. It is pretty taxing for something that only takes 50 mins per day, 4 times per week.

That’s what I am training with right now. I have had very good results with it and have found that the muscle rounds have spurred new muscle growth. I would recommend the program to anyone. It’s not for the faint at heart though.