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Titan Training Manual


I have been trying to track down a copy of the 'Titan Training Manual' by Leo Costa. Only copy I can find in Europe (Amazon) will be about £70/$100 once I add postage. That is a bit much for a book.

Anybody have a cheaper option?

Seems Leo and OTC do not have their own website. What's going on?

(Big Beyond Belief was great and I wanted to checkout the follow-up book)


Buy it from Amazon.com (U.S). It's $49 for a new copy + whatever the shipping is to Italy (which should be a darn sight less than £70).

To my knowledge, Titan Training was never released officially as an ebook. The story goes that Leo Costa sold up OTS to focus on becoming a golf coach (that's what I heard, anyway)..

He's since moved back into the fitness industry with a recently released book entitled Automatic Fitness, which is primarily a weight loss book aimed at general fitness enthusiasts as opposed to the bodybuilding set.


I checked out Amazon, but still hope a cheaper option might appear. I generally think that $25 is about the most you should be paying for a book. However, have you tried it and how did you rate it?

Seems such a waste to have Leo focusing on couch potatoes, rather than the muscle-heads. Maybe T-Nation could could ask him to write an article and get him back in the gang.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


No problem! For what it's worth I got my copy from Amazon. The original website sold it for 69 bucks so it's actually cheaper.

The prices on sites such as Alibris and Ebay are extortionate. I wrote a break-down of the program on this thread:


It's good, but it doesn't offer as much variety as BBB. If you just want it for reference, it's not an essential buy.


Thanks Roybot. I made good progress with BBB and wanted to have something else of that nature, so I can stick with what works. Will use some form of split in between as I need to bring chest up a bit (that responded the least on BBB).


Naxis, check your Private Messages. I have a write up of the program (one page in word) that will give you a great indication of what it entails. I can send that to you after you send me an email...