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Titan Toro Vs. Inzer Forever


Okay so I'm looking for a good first belt. I've narrowed it down to a Titan Toro 13mm and an Inzer Forever 10mm. I've heard that at my experience level, I really wouldn't need a 13mm.

So I'd like to know what you guys think would be a good first belt for me. I'm leaning towards the Inzer.

If it helps, here are my stats:

Squat - 365
Deadlift - 385



Quick couple of tidbits-
I have a Titan/Safe USA ultra belt that I've had since I was 15 or 16 years old, which makes the belt 16-17 years old. The only reason I don't wear it is because I outgrew it, so one of my training partners uses it.

A kid that started training with me finally decided he was going to spend the money and get a belt...I recommended going with Inzer or Safe USA...instead he found a "GREAT DEAL" on a belt through Ebay, I believe he spent around $40 for it. The thing was crap and he realized it as soon as the belt arrived and he tried it on for the first time. The buckle was garbage, the leather was flimsy...So he ended up buying an Inzer 13MM from me (I ordered 1 size too big) and at the end of the day he paid $130 for a belt instead of $90.

With this said-
I have no experience with the Titan Toro's. I have an Inzer 10mm forever / lever that I have been using until I get around to buying another single pronged belt. I don't think that the 13MM really affords much extra support over a 10MM but who knows...I've had both and I never noticed a difference except that the 13MM was harder to break in.

As far as buckles go--I actually like the Safe USA buckle more than the Inzer buckle. The opening on the inzer is a bit smaller, but they are both high quality. If I were buying another belt right now, I'd probably go with the Safe USA ultra again. I definitely wouldn't take the chance on the Toro even though it might be a fine belt.


I absolutely love my inzer forever 13mm belt. It's a single prong.

It was fully broken in in about 2 months and now is incredibly comfortable and provides tons of support.

I ordered it when I was about 220lbs, so I needed it to fit a 220lbs lifter in full multiply gear... I recently (inadvertantly, lol) cut to about 195 and the belt was too large for me to get it tight enough for raw squats. A friend of mine drilled 5 more holes in it with a drill bit, and after using them for about 6 months, the ghetto-drilled holes aren't burred any more than they were when he first drilled them. Also, none of the belt holes have that little indentation where the prong goes, although the belt is only about 2 years old at this point.

I'd recommend this belt to any powerlifter.


I've got a Titan Toro lever belt 10 mm and it's been great.


Since it's not mentioned, I'll throw this out there....

I recently got my first belt, AND I LOVE IT!!!!

SCHEIK double Prong 6010 competition Power Belt
10cm Wide
9mm thick
competition legal

check it out

My lifts are similar to yours (345 squat, 405 DL)


I love my Inzer Forever lever 10mm. I'd say you can't go wrong with Inzer or Titan Toro's, Lever or pronged.


You didn't mention whether you were leaning toward lever or prong buckle. I have worn Inzer for years, and I love the convenience of the lever. I can leave it on, unlatched, between sets and latch it when I lift. However, I have broken a lever, and several guys I train with have broken them as well.

You can send it (the buckle) back to Inzer and they will send you a replacement for free, but it can be inconvenient. Especially if it happens during a meet. My friends broke while latching it on the platform for a 1003lb. squat, and mine gave way during a competition squat (considerably less than 1003lb.). I bought a second belt and keep it in my bag at meets.


If I am not mistaken I believe the lever to be of heavier material (10% heavier than any other lever on the market as per their claim) on the Titan belt than the Inzer (which is significantly lighter as I've compared to my buddies belt), but Inzer could have changed it since then (new guy in our group has a new one and the lever looks to be better material/construction). Personally sides by side I think the lever is better material and construction on the Titan belt.


I have a Titan Toro bench belt (narrow, lever) and an Inzer 10 mm lever. I prefer the Inzer, hands down. The leather feels more expensive, the buckle feels more secure, and it was a snap to break it in.


I was leaning towards the Inzer buckle, but I think that the lever would give me more adjustability. The lever and the buckle are the same price. I was considering just going with the classic buckle though because you mentioned the lever breaking. Do you know how it broke? Was it just a freak thing?

But now I've decided to get the Inzer, now I just have to decide between a buckle or lever.



A little food for thought-

I would personally recommend going with a single prong belt as your first belt...seems alot of guys who bought levers to begin with will disagree. I'm a gear whore so I've had both in my gym bag over the years.
Each come with their own sets of pros and cons-

What is good about a lever is-
It's an easy on/easy off affair. It's consistent. You get it set where you want it and that's where it will be. You don't have to screw around with trying to roll the leather back and get a prong into a hole. The lever is pretty effortless.

What's bad about a lever-
While it CAN be adjusted, you have to take two screws out of the back of the lever to loosen or tighten the setting on the belt. Some guys have no problem with this, and yeah it's only two screws and if you're really good at it you can get it done in a minute or so---But for me, I'd MUCH rather have a single prong on hand to adjust depending on what I'm doing. Maybe you want your belt a little looser for deadlifts than squats? Maybe you wore a sweatshirt to the gym and you ate a salty-ass meal and you're a little bloaty so the belt is fitting a little snugger than where you want it...

Out comes a screwdriver (or a makeshift screwdriver - I use a butter knife) and you're adjusting the lever.


I agree with unstable on the pros and cons. That is another reason I keep two. One is set for raw, and the other is looser to fit over my squat or deadlift suit. Guys that I train with break out the screwdriver every time we put gear on - not too big of a deal, but another thing to keep in mind. The times we have broken levers have been when we really have them cinched tight with gear on. I've never had a problem lifting raw.


Okay I see what you guys are saying. I lift raw and I always wear a t-shirt when I'm lifting and depending on if I have enough time, I like to get a good bloat. So, I think I'll end up choosing the Inzer, but I'm still leaning towards the double prong considering that's what I've always used at school and it's what I prefer. Thanks for your help guys.

One last question, I have a 34 inch waist when I'm done eating and a 33 when I wake up at drop a duece. Should I order a Medium (33-35) or a Large (36-39) so I can grow into it?



Don't go with a double-prong. It is more fucking around with no support benefit.

BTW, I have Titan lever that I like a lot. I have no idea how it compares to the Inzer. There was no Inzer 10mm option when I bought it but I see that has changed. 10mm is plenty of support in my opinion.


measure around where you wear the belt...NOT your pants size. so your waist might be smaller but you might have a powerlifter gut---the gut is what you want to measure, usually around the belly button.

I would recommend NOT buying a double prong...really no additional benefit as far as I can tell. Theoretically you'd think that it MIGHT give more support because of the prongs being top and bottom, but the leather should be stiff enough that you're not going to get any twisting force on the belt anyways-

SINGLE PRONG for the win. It's one less prong you have to try to get into the hole...and until you've had the belt for a bit, it's going to be a little bit of an effort.

Also, if you ever compete equipped, your handlers will HATE and DESPISE you for having a double prong because they'll have to deal with trying to get the prongs in...don't do it...


I love my 10mm inzer lever belt. Very easy to use once you get used to getting the buggar on.


Don't get a double prong, and buy bigger than you think you'll need.


My inzer forever 10mm lever belt is absolutely awesome. Love it.


Here's another vote for avoiding the double prong at all costs. lol


Okay, so single prong it is.