Titan Tim Tackling his Twenties

It’s still building strength and progressing lol. How it translates to 1RM performance is variable and individual. For myself i squat more than reps indicate. Bench about right on. Deadlift less

Reading this makes me want to know what my max is. That bothers me, my progress is a lie and I have no clue of how strong I am.

I guess I’ll just throw all my goals down the drain. Not like they’ll amount to my true max…

Absolutely this. If your projected max goes up, you got stronger. That’s the aim, right?

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That is the aim
But chasing a wanted max motivates me and makes it fun.

Edit: Oh right I added jokers cause of this

There’s no reason you can’t still do that.

Did you ever test your one rep max?
What are some if your achievements on 5/3/1?

I eventually pulled 500lbs using various bastardised versions of 5/3/1 with a few other methods like clusters and ROM progression mixed in. I feel like I could have got there a lot faster if I’d kept it basic (although I still maintain that ROM progression was probably my best progress on deadlift).

I rarely tested my 1RM beyond the early stages, and will probably test true maxes about once or twice a year from now on.

It’s also worth noting that I am currently both fat and weak due to taking several years out of the gym and in a MacDonalds, just for a bit of background on myself.

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Ur just pre loading calories for the next few years of gains

Dagill and guinea pig. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and basically giving me a sense of reality. Looks like I myself don’t care about a 1 rm that much considering I always shoot for a 10 rep max. I then think of myself where I’ll be in the future benching 225 for 10 or squatting 315 for 10 and deadlifting 405 for 10. Last time I deadlifted heavy i did 285 for 4 I’m about to try and hit 280 for 10 next week (roughly same weignt). It means I have gotten stronger.

I shall keep pushing the pr set . I think I was just brain washed by bro standards

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I was gonna say “hey I’m young too!” then again I quickly realized my teen years have long passed. Playing sports gives you a false sense of being young. Fck.

About 1.5 years, (maxing out on bench and quarter squatting and never deadlifting).

This is the first time I’m training legit

Looks like mr.benchy hit a plateau. It’s stuck at an estimated max of 205 lbs (i find wendler calc to be accurate for my bench, i hit 185 for a triple two weeks ago). I think food is the culprit, I eat 4 meals a day but my weight doesn’t move. I probably need 5 meals now.
Happy with squat pr btw.

155x5 175x5 195x10 215x1 (I was gonna do 235 but I didn’t feel like it even though good bar speed with 215)
5x5 Fsl with 155
125x5 145x5 160x8
I was supposed to do fsl but I wasted way too much time trying to find a spotter. Would it hurt staying after (this is probably why it’s plateaud too)

Overall squat was nice bench form improved so that’s a fat W.
Great workout before spring break I hope thursday will be too.

:confused: I really need to stop wasting time

Those are pretty awesome goals. You will be a big strong motherfudger when you get there.

Indeed dagill, indeed. :thinking: maybe next year.


220x5 250x5 280x10 315x1


80x5 90x5 100x7

80x5 80x5 80x5

I half-booty’d
The workout. I wanted to hang with friends after school also my friend was maxing out so I needed to spot him. Deadlifts felt great. Threw in a joker as a reward 315 moved easy kinda swung from my shins. Upper body be stalling. Reached my before spring break goal with 280x10 on deads(they’re deadstop too)

Back in action from spring break. Bitter-sweet workout.
Squat 155x5 175x5 195x6…
Discouraged then benched
125x5 145x5 160x9
5x5 Fsl

New bench pr :blush:
I don’t get my body. Taking a week off made my bench stronger but squat weaker. Could it be a neural adaptation thing?
Whatever I’ll do better next workout

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