Titan Tim Tackling his Twenties

Yes, it probably is. Don’t get too bent out of shape about one workout, especially when you’re sick. Some days just suck, limit the damage and move on with life.

A bad workout or two makes no difference whatsoever in the big picture

Any of you gentlemen have any tips on increasing the squat.

Train it consistently for a year.

Sorry, there aren’t any big shortcuts here.

Train with enough volume to get gains in the range of 60-85% 1RM but not so much volume that you are beaten up and can’t recover. Conversely recover as well as you can with good diet and sleep

Perfect (verb) your form and practice with every rep. Don’t go to failure e.g. 3 reps left in the tank or so heavy your technique breaks down

Identify your individual weakness in the lift and target it with appropriate assistance and accessory work.

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I wonder if anyone will read this

Satisfying workout today boys. Wanna hear how stupid I am. I made a post asking if I can get stronger with high-bar. Last week I tried finding my tm with lowbar. Today I did lowbar today warming up and was like “This feels off and retarded” I then took all weights up and worked up to a strong 5 reps with highbar. Most satisfying thing ever, felt comfortable and I felt stronger. Bench went well today after that crap session when I was sick. So here is the session.
Squat: worked up to 205 lbs for 5
Bench: 125x5 140x5 155x9

I didn’t get to do fsl due to retarded teachers closing it 10 minutes earlier. Also I took more time to fix my squat. Welp I now have my tm and still have room to improve. Would like a estimated max of 300 at the end of the year. Hopefully bench moves and I get 155x10 next week which would mean a 5 lb pr.


Oh relax. I was 5 years into post graduate studies first time I stepped into a gym. You’ll be fine.

Post a video of your squat if you like. Lots of good people here willing to help

I squatted high bar myself for most of my lifting. Even when I got into Powerlifting I use a hybrid bar position. Like everybody’s different. It’s an exception to be stronger high bar but it can happen. Before jumping to that conclusion it’s better to spend a while consistently on low bar and perfect the set up for that then make a comparison


215x5 240x5 270x9

215x5 215x5 215x5 215x5 215x5


75x5 85x5 95x7

75x5 75x5 75x5 75x5 75x5

Deadlift estimated max: 350 lbs

Maybe I can get 10 next week i think I left a rep in the tank. I am happy with this lol

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145x5 165x5 185x7 205x1 225x1
145x5 145x5 145x5 145x5 145x5 (fsl is paused squats)
125x5 140x5 155x7 170x1 185x1

Idk how I feel about this workout. Overall it was meh
I enjoyed squatting an easy 225. Sigh* it was really hot and humid in the weight room, I think it screwed with my mentality I left reps in the tank for both squat and bench (i got 155 for 9 last week) I am able to rep 185 for 3 I felt like I could’ve done it for the jokers. I wanted to see how jokers are. I’ll only program em for lower body movements i’m not doing them for bench anymore, smh I didn’t even have time for fsl, that’s really annoying me.

Doesn’t matter tho just one meh day. I shall do better next workout

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215x5 240x5 270x10 295x1 325xstoopid

215x5 215x5 215x5


75x5 85x5 95x6

No press pr. I didn’t rest long enough and rushed it even tho we had 10 minutes left. I cut the fsl short on deads. I wasted time on the last joker, It moved slow from the bottom so I gave up. I figured that was gonna happen judging by the way 295 moved(smooth but slow) but my friend convinced me.

Anyway projected max of deadlift is 360
Pretty much Two times my bodyweight since i’m lower 180’s.

Goals before spring break- projected max

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What’s up Tim, glad to see other teens on here! How long have you been training for man?

Great progress thus far. My suggestion would be to add in a bit of pulling accessory for the upper back. Pull ups. Rows. Rope face pulls. Whatever. Just add in some low intensity volume at the end of your deadlift days. It will add up down the road.

I don’t want to be rude, but if you struggled with 325, how can you project a max of 360? How do you pull? Touch and go or deadstop?


I know what you mean. I’m not use to heavy weight I could’ve given up on it also.

This is after doing 270 for 10 deadstop so I mean

I’ve found that estimating maxes off 10 rep sets is very innacurate. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but I think you’re overestimating your max there quite massively. I’ve done exactly the same thing.

:frowning: welp that just rained on my parade. Makes me question what i’ve been doing all along since apparently 10 reps mean nothing. Or I’m not used to heavy singles. I never done them before.
I’m confused I used jims calc, i got 155 for 10 on bench before which means my max is 205. I’ve done 185 for 3 before and it meant I could do 205 according to jims calc

It’s a useful tool to use, and there’s no doubt you’re making progress. Good work is giving you good results. Just be aware that the rep max calculator gets less accurate at higher reps, especially for deadlifts. YMMV. Just as an example, the first time I ever loaded 400 on a bar and tried to pull it, my projected max was approaching 500lbs. Fucker was stapled to the ground. I was pulling 150kg + for double digit reps but couldn’t move a single at 180kg.