Titan Tim Tackling his Twenties

Conjugate Training

Maintenance Phase

Week 2 Day 2

Max Effort Upper


Dumbbell Larsen Press - 50 lbs - 4 x 25

Decline Bent Arm Two Dumbbell Pullover and Press - 20 lbs - 4 x 25

Lat Pulldown - 85 lbs - 4 x 25

Seated Reverse Close Grip Easy Curl Bar Curl - 50 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Pulley Behind The Back Wrist Curl - 150 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Behind The Neck Press - 110 lbs

Seated Cable Fly Machine - 60 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Larsen Press - 95 lbs x 5, 115 lbs x 5, 135 lbs x 5, 155 lbs x 5, 175 lbs x 5, 185 lbs x 5, 195 lbs x 5, 205 lbs x 3, 200 lbs x 3, 200 lbs x 3

Stairmaster - 20 minutes


Great work TL, keep it going

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Conjugate Training

Maintenance Phase

Week 2 Day 3

Repetition Effort Lower


Goblet Squat - 50 lbs - 4 x 25

Seated Row Machine - 50 lbs - 4 x 25

Outer Hip Exercise - Bodyweight - 4 x 25

Seated Plate Calf Raise- 45 lbs - 4 x 25

Squat Press Machine - 320 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Three-Quarter Barbell Side Bend - 90 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Stiff Legged Good Morning - 155 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Snatch Grip Shrugs - 145 lbs - 5 x 1:00 minute

Compound Leg Raise - Bodyweight - 5 x AMRAP

Incline Treadmill Walk - 20 Minutes


Conjugate Training

Maintenance Phase

Week 2 Day 4

Repetition Effort Upper


Dumbbell Larsen Press - 50 lbs - 4 x 25

Decline Bent Arm Two Dumbbell Pullover and Press - 20 lbs - 4 x 25

Lat Pulldown - 85 lbs - 4 x 25

Kneeling Medium Grip Barbell Curl - 70 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Barbell Tricep Curl to Forehead - 80 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Barbell Over Bench Palms Down Wrist Curl - 30 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Standing Military Press - 115 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Dumbbell Rear Delt Flyes - 30 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Burpee Pull-Ups (?) - 10 Minutes


Conjugate Training

Maintenance Phase

GPP Hybrid Program

Captain of Crush Grippers, working up to 3 ME low rep sets with No 1.5 Grippers


@blshaw @unicornsandrainbows @boilerman

In January I’ll be with a large union mechanical subcontractor for a co-op/internship. They’re affiliated with a crap load of union locals: plumbers, steamfitters, sprinkler fitters, sheet metal, etc.

Ngl I kind of wonder if you work at the same company unicorn.

The sky is the limit with what I can do there, as said by the pms and project executives. I will technically be in project management but there is opportunity for estimating, field helper, or shop helper.

One thing is for sure, I’m going to harass and stalk the foreman and superintendents.

There’s also opportunity to visit the locals and see what they do.

Non Construction related stuff:

  • Still training, haven’t missed a day. It’s recruiting season for companies interns/full-time or whatever so I’m VERY preoccupied.

Awesome man! Glad to see the tide is turning in your favor.

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Considering we are on opposite sides of the country, I doubt it. The company I work for is pretty small in the scheme of things, and we don’t do a lot of out of state work. We could be affiliated with some of the same unions though, still not entirely sure how the whole union thing works. Especially since I am not a part of it. Office is non-union and the field is.

Either way, that sounds like an amazing opportunity, I am happy for you! I am curious to see what you think of the mechanical world.

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That’s awesome dude I’m super happy you were able to find a spot.

Here’s a job I’m working on that you might find some interest in…


Oh boy that is cool!

O great boilerman would you care to share thou knowledge.

What is it? What does it do? Where does it go? :sweat_smile:

That’s a steam boiler for an apartment building.

It’s an HB Smith 28-13 HE with a capacity of around 3.3 million btus. It’s a cast iron sectional boiler that is built on site. It’s going to be supplying a single zone system with vacuum return and is controlled with a tekmar 279 steam controller. This picture was taken during a hydro test earlier this week (Edit: that’s a lie- this picture was taken before the hydro test), so we now have the header welded and supported in place.

The bougie wing of this building had its own half million btu boiler that started irreparably leaking, so I’m designing a layout to incorporate that piping system into the new boiler as well.

The burner the owners bought is nuts. It must’ve cost upwards of $15k and is typically used in process applications… Seems a bit overkill.

If you’re interested I’ll post up a picture after the jacket is on with the burner and near boiler.piping is tied in. I’ll be wiring it, too.

This is one I did today…

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I was gonna ask you a bunch of questions, but then again Google is free. I would love to see the picture boilerman, thanks for sharing.

I’ve recently learned that this company typically has a field office for all for their projects, so in terms of learning and trying to give myself more career leverage, it may be smart to take a job here if available.

Out of curiosity, when you were a project engineer, what divisions/trades were you in charge of? Or did your company divide work differently.

From what I’ve seen

Field Engineers/Supers - Parts of Building
Project Engineers/PMs - Divisions/Trades

Upper level/Senior PMs typically handled the MEP divisions. Some advice I was given is that in order to move up a company you need to know what the guy ahead of you is doing.

And this sub works with the big gc’s too, so like nothing is stopping me from striking up tons of conversations with them and other subs to learn things unrelated to my job…

So it depended on the project size. I preferred working on small projects division where we were doing 1-5M projects. On those I was overseeing all divisions. However some of my coworkers would be in 500M prisons construction projects for CCA and then they would have possibly one trade such as concrete.

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And since you weren’t pigeonholed you actually learned how to build, correct?

You know what’s funny…one of my professors, he’s way up in a big company and he started at a smaller one where he was exposed to a lot more. That experience is what essentially allowed him to move up at the big company quickly.

And then there’s Blshaw, who runs a company, and did not like being pigeonholed.

I’m really starting to see a pattern here and it seems to confirm my suspicions, thank you for your response.

Exactly my friend. I started my own company after only 1.5 years in corporate. I soaked up all divisions quickly.

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Ask away, a lot of steam stuff is buried away in old books or old people’s heads. Not a whole lot of useful information is online about it.

I’ll be sure to snap a few pictures as the project moves along.


Conjugate Training

Maintenance/Gaining Phase

Week 3 Day 1

Max Effort Lower


Sumo Deadlift - 95 lbs - 4 x 25

KB Swings - 70 lbs - 4 x 25

Iso Dumbbell Calf Raise - 20 lbs - 4 x 25 lbs

Back Extension Machine - 150 lbs - 4 x 25

Dumbbell Bend to Opposite Foot - 70 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Dumbbell Front Squat - 50 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Seated Dumbbell Side Bend - 65 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Wide Grip Bent Over Rowing - 135 lbs - 5 x AMRAP

Wide Stance Flat Foot Bent Knee Eccentric Good Morning - 135 lbs x 5, 155 lbs x 5, 175 lbs x 5, 195 lbs x 5, 225 lbs x 5, 245 lbs x 5, 265 lbs x 5, 285 lbs x 5, 295 lbs x 1 (too heavy), 275 lbs x 5

Barbell Hold - 165 lbs - 5 x Hold

Food (10/30/2023)

Breakfast - 2 Sourdough PB and J Sandwiches

Breakfast 2 - Protein Shake w/ Powdered Peanut Butter

Lunch - The healthy food my coworkers made for the halloween potluck

Dinner - Protein Bar I was supposed to eat and some leftover tortilla chips


I have a lot to type, but who cares. Let’s just regain my discipline……especially with my diet…it was rather terrible (it was great in terms of protein), but still…everyday was a DoorDash feast.


Proud of you for making this a priority. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Cook up a lot of meat and eat well.

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