Titan Tim Tackling his Twenties

Thanks a ton Pwn! Don’t take this the wrong way but I love u dude. This definitely gives me an idea of what I want to do I’m the future. I’m thinking of incorporating breathing squats into my run of btm, I’ll do those with the main work and supplemental. For the widowmaker squat days I’ll steal your idea of doing max reps instead of the 20.

I’ll pick up Brawn (Is new version okay?) and the complete keys of progress.

Also where can I learn more about DoggCrapp and Fortitude training? Books? YouTube?

I am also extremely curious about pushing Super Squats to 30 reps in one set. What I would do with that is rerun the 20 rep program and after those 6 weeks are done switch to that low rep power program in the book for a week then run another 6 weeks with 30 reps but starting from moderate weight. I would also do GOMAD again. I can really see myself doing that ngl.

For DC, look for “Cycling for Pennies”, you’ll want the condensed version. Fortitude, look up “Fortitude Training” by Dr. Scott Stevenson; its like a $25 book online.

Fortitude is, in my opinion, DoggCrapp training + science; Scott was a DoggCrapper for years until he released his own thing. I do believe FT will provide better results, but I think this is person dependent.

FT utilizes heavy standard-rep progression on 2 out of 4 weekly workouts (if using Turbo Template), and DC style reps on the other 2 days of the week. All 4 sessions incorporate extreme stretches and pump work, so every day you will be doing a whole body session.

Templates below:


If you haven’t tried 20 rep breathing squats, I would refrain from jumping to this decision lol. To do 20 rep breathing squats properly, you should be loading up your 10RM… I was unable to push my real 10RM to 20 reps, and I would venture to say (controversially) that if you can manage 30 rep breathing squats - that you didn’t load your real 10RM. Of course, the same logic would normally apply to 20 reps as well, but I’ll leave that conclusion up to you to make.

DISCLAIMER: I am only about 2 weeks into Fortitude Training, but it is quite similar to how I normally did my training anyways (with some more purposeful improvements, of course). I strongly recommend FT, but it isn’t for everyone.

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Thanks dude I will look into that. I am open to new ways to train.


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I take it this means you have done 20 rep squats (I wasn’t following your log, apologies).

If you can manage to do 30 reps with your 10RM, I would argue that what you think is your 10RM isn’t really your 10RM anymore. This aside, training more than 20 reps has very little literature to support being used for hypertrophy - but if you’re doing it for something else, it’s still quite the exercise.

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Got one more week left of the Super Squats program so technically I have not finished the program.

You’re right. On Super Squats you start with moderate poundages not your 10 rm otherwise you’ll get clobbered early on.

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You don’t need to worry about me taking things the wrong way dude, haha. I’m at an age where I’m not concerned about what people think in that regard. Absolutely appreciate the sentiment.

I wouldn’t find a whole lot of value with the breathing squats for the main work and supplemental work of 5/3/1. Those are just sets of 5. It’s not really long enough to get that growth stimulus you get from a big set of 20, and you’ll be reducing the weight to do breathing squats so that you don’t really get the heavy training effect.

I only have the first edition of Brawn. I can’t speak to the most current one.

You’ll love the complete keys to progress.

Other good reading on DoggCrapp is here

And on the “intense muscle” forum

I assume you meant 6 weeks here, per the book, as running a “program” for a week isn’t running a program, haha. I think that’s a solid plan.

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I obviously haven’t run the programs in the book yet, but just built my first one. I am going to potentially push off deepwater to run it for a block, maybe 6 or 8 weeks. It’s pretty much what you’d expect- lots of heavy ass squats coupled with pullovers and a few other big movements, full body 3x a week. It looks pretty badass. From what I’ve read so far, it’s been a really inspiring and informative book, very much like super squats. I’d highly recommend it.

I think you’ve been making amazing decisions and absolutely destroying everything you’ve laid your hands on… go with your gut dude. You’re on a roll. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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I’m a big fan of running things as written so I’ll write down a caveat emptor about FT. Zigzagging between exercises is not feasible at every gym. I think the Virgin voyage product is a good compliment to the FT ebook. Helped me make far fewer mistakes.

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Thank you Voxel!

Thanks a ton boilerman! I will pick up that book with no hesitation. Hey dude you ever thought about running Super Squats. You’d be an even bigger mass monster after running it. I saw those progress pics in your log, you have a great physique my dude.

Yeah man I’ve been trying to talk myself into it for a while now. Like deepwater, I have to convince myself that I’m going to do it. I just haven’t gotten to that point yet, haha.

I really appreciate the compliments, but have a lot of work left to do to be considered big or strong. I think if I run this 6-8 week block before the two runs of DW I’ll be getting closer to what I want both strength and physique-wise, at least at this point of my lifting journey

That’s actually something I’ve been waiting to hear about from you, how is everything going both mentally and physically? You’re obviously getting stronger/pushing way harder, but are you noticing some physique changes? If you’re planning to wait until you complete the program before a big update I understand that, and I also understand wanting to just put your head down and do the work but I would really like to hear how everything is playing out for you.


I have absolutely no idea of what I want out of life after I graduate college. I’ll be working full time and I’ll also be training hard. To top that off I’m a homebody and an introvert. Do I want to be a husband/father? Do I want to explore and put time into new hobbies? Well I have no idea about that. Idk could just be thinking to far ahead into my future but, can you blame me? Most of what I’ve been doing this whole college semester is training hard, eating a lot, attending class, and doing school work. I guess I can picture the same thing happening after I graduate except the only difference is I’ll be working full time but, have even less free time. It’s somewhat depressing to think about but, I guess the question is if I add more things into my life would it really be enjoyable or just another responsibility? I don’t know man, adulting is weird.

Edit: Lol this wasn’t training related but it is how I am doing mentally and what I have been thinking about since training does take time.


I’ll tell you everything else this Friday when I write my review

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@boilerman maybe not Friday but a time next week.

Super Squats
Not counting this as Week 6 Day 1


135 lbs x 3
225 lbs x 5
295 lbs x 2

Warmups atrociously heavy, didn’t even bother continuing.
Terrible food intake and almost zero sleep ever since Friday and last night due to midterms and me coming back home.

You know what this means? Me being pissed off I have stay on this program for longer? Yea… I mean no, it means I must go even higher with the food intake!

Thinking I’ll be back at 100% by Wednesday or Thursday.


That all makes complete sense dude, and take comfort in knowing that a lot of people feel the same way you do. I find myself thinking similar things, to be honest.

I’m looking forward to it man!

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Hey man, Mrs. SvenG was wondering if you ever had a chance to try that meatball recipe—no big deal either way, mostly she’s just curious.

FWIW, you definitely should. I find I can eat them like bite-size Snickers or something, I just keep popping 'em in. Maybe that’d help with this:


Anyway, dude, sounds like you’re on a break from school. Hope you enjoy it!


@tlgains you must become the meatball


I forgot to tag you, but I made these with one of my sorority sisters a while back and they were heavenly


@SvenG Unfortunately I have not made them yet Sven but I will eventually. I haven’t been doing much cooking lately besides scrambled eggs or heating up smoked sausages on a skillet. I wouldn’t really call that cooking though :joy:

I’m glad I have a break now because I can actually play around with cooking now/ I’m not on auto pilot robot mode. I do plan on going food shopping tomorrow.

@heretolog I will be the meatiest meatball ever

@boilerman @T3hPwnisher

I finally went ahead and ordered that slow cooker. Could’ve ordered it earlier but I didn’t feel like carrying it for over a mile from the university mail room. Went with 7 qt so I can stuff the thing. Perhaps I can stuff Mrs. @SvenG meatballs in this thing lol.


Edit: was posting that the author of the book deems it acceptable to take an extra day or two if you really need it, but then realized that the workout you posted was effectively a light day with no widomakers, so disregard.

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