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Titan - Tighter Than Competition Fit


I was curious as to peoples experience with this... On titan's sizing chart they advertise the three fits, with the tightest being competition fit.

Now for me, my "competition fit" would be about a size 40 of a super centurion. Now, I squat in a size 38 and don't think that it is that ridiculously tight.

For bench shirts I dont have much experience, my "competition fit" is like a 43 and when I wear a 44 f6 I can touch a weight I can do like 6 or 7 reps in!

So I was just curious as to peoples opinion...

Furthermore, I was planning on trying a super katana size 42, but people are being really insistive I get a 44. I think I might try the 44 because I hear that it is ok if I tighten the sleeves to be ridiculously tight, but I shouldn't take the smaller size because then the chest panel will be imposible to work with. Any experience?


Typically, SK's are a bitch to touch in, and not very forgiving. But once you learn the groove and if you are strong enough to handle what it takes to make the shirt work as designed, it rocks. If you are using a stock size, I'd try a size larger than what your used to at first. It's still alot of shirt but will be easier to touch in.

I have had good luck with a custom SK where the chest plate is a size larger than my normal fit and the sleeves are one size tighter than my normal fit. So there's a 2 size difference between the two. It's easier to touch in than a regular fit but gives better carryover.


For the bench shirt, I do know that the Katana material tends to make it fit tighter. My wife uses a size 32 F6. She got a new size 34 F6 made with the Katana material and is tighter than her regular size 32.


I'm a little confused by your post - I'm wondering if you're really tall and lean for your weight, or if there's something else that's making the standard sizes not fit properly..
Have you taken your measurements and compared them to Titan's charts? I wonder if you'll find that you should have a custom shirt made, or maybe you're just able to wear tighter gear than most :slight_smile:

FWIW, Titan's charts are pretty bang on for me, so I don't have much advice for what works for custom sizing.
Good luck!


Well I most certainly am not tall... I am 5"6' and about 184 pounds and sub 10% bodyfat... So I think the problem is just that I like gear and can deal with it tight and painful. I have a buddy who actually likes in 83kg and squats exactly 2 sizes below competition fit... Though he does squat over 700.... Anyways, thansk for the advice guys.


I wear a size below competition fit when I was at 83kg, 36 super centurion, now at 93, I'm squeezing into the same suit..emphasis on squeezing haha


Holy crap... 36 at 93kg? That is ridiculous! I have seen you squat and it is a beautiful thing.... I saw your 300kg in Edmonton last year. I was just getting started at that point and I was impressed! Honestly though, how do you get into a 36 at 93kg? I guess how tall are you? Cause for me, even at 83kg my thighs are like 26 so there would be almost no way...


I agree - I went from being confused about what was going wrong with your sizing to curious about how you get into gear that small...

LOL, what's your secret?


Suit slippers help a ton obviously, I don't think I could ever get into it without slippers. I just measured my thigh and they are almost 27.5. I'm 5'8, I was deadlifting in a 34nxg+ at 83 at one point. A Russian lifter I know, wears a 38 super centurion at 105kg


I was really impressed with your lifting at Provincals Adam, give me a shout on facebook sometime


lol. Getting into a tight suit is not all that hard once you've stopped whining. I wear a 38 at 102kg, which seems rather loose, i tried a 36, got into it OK, but damn I couldn't move.


I personally haven't used suit slippers so I imagine those will help ALOT when I get them. I just ordered a 36 hips, 38 lets super centurion. That is about 1 size tighter than competition fit. I think suits it seems to be more manageable to go tighter than in shirts.