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Titan Super Katana Sleeve Advice?

Hi, I’m looking to buy a new Super Katana which is a shirt I have used before with some success.

My last shirt had angled sleeves, I would describe myself as having a medium arch.

I’m going a size smaller and have seen a great deal on a straight sleeve super katana and wanted some advice.

I know that straight sleeves are recommended by Titan for flat back benchers but wanted to know if the sleeve angle actually makes any difference in the real world?

Any advice/ experience is much appreciated.

Looks like @corstijeir is the only person on here who competes in gear these days.

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My understanding is that the straight sleeves do make a big difference. A buddy of mine used both and due to his arch couldn’t use the straight sleeve. Obviously mileage may vary but it’s probably fairly accurate info especially considering the Manufacturer even says so.

I would say it depends where you touch, not so much flat back or arched. I’ve used both sleeves, and I’d consider myself essentially a flat back style. I find the angles sleeve helps for belly benching with tucked elbows. The straight sleeves seem to do better with a slightly higher touch and slightly more flared elbows.

Thanks man, I touch end the day of my sternum and don’t have a massive elbow flare on the way down.

How did the straight sleeves effect your bar path on the way up???

Straight sleeve didn’t affect bar path much, angled sleeve can alter bar path more.

Thanks, which did you prefer, and which do you use now???

I train by myself, so I seldom get in a shirt outside of a loose shirt, but I would say that the I felt like I got more on the lockout with the angled sleeve.