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Titan 'Ram'



Saw it coming.


Metal put out something similar as well.


I just tore my left pec muscle on Saturday so having torn both pecs now (right one 2X) I will be buying one of these in a couple weeks to help take some of the stress off.


This is a copy of Mark Bell's slingshot. He has been working on perfecting the design for awhile (best material, best stitching, cut, placement, angles, etc), unfortunately, his patent is still pending, so a lot of the other guys are coming out with stuff similar to his slingshot that just aren't nearly as effective.
I tried out the Slingshot at the Arnold Classic in Mark Bell's booth. I talked to Stan Efferding for awhile about what it is meant to do as a training aid, the science behind the actual benefits it has for all athletes, not just powerlifters, etc.

After trying it out, I hopped up and bought one. I bench all raw for 90% of my workout, and for my last 2 or 3 max sets, I use the slingshot. It is amazing. It is not like a bench shirt, where it takes x-amount of weight to touch, or you need to change your form, etc. It is very easy to use, and you can bench the same way you do for a raw bench. It made my shoulder and elbow pain go away immediately.

Since I have starting using it, my shoulders don't hurt as much, my elbows feel better, and my raw max has gone up quite a bit. Before the slingshot, I was doing 325 with a pause, 365 touch and go with strict form, and 425 sloppy aka bounce and hips coming off the bench. Now, about 3 or 4 weeks later, I am doing 375 with a pause, 405 touch and go with strict form, and 455 sloppy.

I took it to the gym with me to let Rocky Tilson try it, and he instantly loved it. He immediately called Jim McCarty and told him to get one.
Remember, Stan Efferding is a bodybuilder and a powerlifter. He competes all raw, and his lifetime best competition bench was 550. After using the slingshot for 5 months, he did a very smooth and easy 606 in competition, weighing 275.

You guys should try it! The slingshot I mean. I saw this one from Titan at the Arnold, and it's quality is crap. Does not fit well, and it slides right up your arm, so you lose the support that is supposed to benefit you.


I have the Slingshot and will hopefully get the chance to use it more next week when I finish Smolov Jr. It enforces good form (elbows tucked, tight grip on the bar, scapular retraction). I have a roommate with very inexplicable shoulder pain (pain with regular bench, close grip bench and pullups but not with pushups or military press) and he's able to use it pain free.


Hmmm very interesting... I may have to look into this, too.


You got 50 lbs on your bench in 4 weeks? Did you forget to take the Slingshot off?


LOL at related products "Mark Bells Slingshot"


Nope. For me, it's like this. I have always noticed that when it comes to strength, the fastest way i make gains is to use bad form. So with the bench, I will go ahead and pop my hips off the bench, bounce the weight, etc, if that means I can handle more weight.

As i get used to handling this weight with bad form, it becomes very easy to just tighten up my form little by little, and then I am suddenly able to handle that new max with strict form. The slingshot basically mimics this for me. If I can work up to 455 using strict form with a pause while using the slingshot, than that means my body gets used to break, centering, balancing, lowering, controlling, resting, pressing, following through, locking out, etc 455 lbs.

So while the slingshot helps me get a little pop off the chest, and helps keep my elbows tucked, etc. I get so used to moving 455 strict with the slingshot, that when I take it off, putting 405 on the bar is suddenly much easier to do, even without the slingshot.

I do have a youtube channel, though, if anyone cares to debate my claims. You will see that by the end of february my max sloppy bench was 405. By the first week of march, I could do 425 sloppy. And now, in my most recent video, you see me do 375 at the end of a bunch of sets, with strict form and a long pause.

That was without a spotter, so I don't know how high I could have gone. And one week ago, I was in the gym, and did 405 strict form, with no pause.

Just a method that works for me.
I mean, I have only been training heavy since February 1st, when I maxed out at 350 on bench (with bad form).


i ordered one of these today. i've never used any gear besides wraps and elbow sleeves, so i'll be interested to see how it works for me. i'm looking to use it as another tool to train supramaximally to help my raw bench.


Bell wasn't the first to have the idea. People used twisted up bands for years. Chris Taylor made a bench strap that was supposedly better than this.

The ram is stronger than the slingshot, my buddy has used both. He likes the slingshot more though because he says the ram takes off too much at the bottom for its purpose. The Metal version looks EXACTLY like the slingshot, except black.. odd that elite carried slingshots for awhile... then their main gear supplier comes up with something identical.

Either way, Bell didn't "invent" it or found the idea, he just made a product and marketed it. Chris Taylor should have marketed his, but didn't...

I would have done the same if I was Bell, but nobody has room to whine about stealing ideas yet, IMO.


Thanks Big..When that sligshot came out I knew I had seen something like that before but I couldn't find it to save my life... Since you threw the name out there I re found this video.


Yep. Too bad he didn't market it. Did you see how much that dug into his chest? It looked far stronger than a slingshot.

The RAM looks a lot like that, but not sure it is as strong.

I have thought about buying some EFS super heavy knee wraps and making something like this. It looks like he used strangulator wraps as his material maybe?


that would be cool if you could make your own. If you do throw up some plans. I've got an old Titan Katana. I've thought about cutting off all the shirt except for the chest plate, hem up the edges and using it that way. Hell, I could fold the shirt under and make it a 2 ply chest plate. Might as well do that; the back of the shirts are useless and the only real reason they are long in the front is to fit under a belt to keep the shirt in the same place right?

Might look gay as hell but I'm lifting in my garage so I don't care about all that kind of stuff.


I've seen the sling shot and had a look at the ram at nationals last week. I came home and made my own sling shot out of an old pair of APT wraps. It was a fair amount of sewing by hand but it works really well. The one I made is bigger and fits my guy better. At the moment I'm sewing a smaller one for myself out of an old pair of Titan THPs.

It doesn't give me the same pop as a shirt but, like another poster said, it allows the use of heavier weights, kind of like reverse bands and doesn't chew the shit out of your arms like a shirt. In addition, you don't need help to get it on.

We were goofing around on Sunday and made a youtube video to show how it works. By the time we did the video we were fried so it doesn't appear all that impressive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcC_89n4_AI


^^ that's some good stuff right there!! ^^


i used my Titan Ram for the first time today. it's very easy to put on. the bar path will take some getting used to. it throws the weight back towards my face. by the end, i felt more comfortable with it. hopefully after a couple sessions i can hit something close to 600 with it.

today i worked up to 515 without it and then worked up to 545 with it. 545 was definitely comfortable.