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Titan Mini Farmer's Walk Handles or Something Similar?

Have any of you used Titan Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles, Yes4All Farmer Walk Handles, Synergee Compact Farmer Walk Handles or something similar?

If so what was your experience? Are they worth the investments. We have been using dumbells?


I have the titan mini farmers walk handles. I don’t do strong man comps or anything, but I wanted to do farmers walks (garage gym) so for my purposes they’re great. They can hold plenty of Olympic plates and the design let’s them pull straight down like full size farmers implements and don’t roll out of your hands like dumbbells at heavy weights. My only complaint is with plates on there’s no good way to set them on the ground, there’s no base to them so you have to kind of lay them over. Other than that I think they are worth the money for sure.

I have a set. Never had any issue with them and they’re pretty decent priced

Thanks you all for the replys.

I am going to try a pair.