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Titan Labs, Eco Oils, & PTC Oh My!

Ok, first of all… i have recently been takin testE 200mg/ml at 500mg a week doing split injections of 250mg on Mon and Thur. I have been doing this for 4 weeks and it hasent done a thing.

Excercise and my diet weren’t in question. The label on the test I was taking had Titan Labs on it. It was in a 20ml vial and my buddy had taken the first 10ml at on ml a week for 10weeks and didnt feel a thing. he thought maybe he had done it wrong. so, this is just a warning to yall to look out for Titan Labs.

secondly, i just took my first injection of eco oils that i order from euro and ive heard all these horror stories about it causing so much pain and all i have to do is say… quit bein a pussy. it was a little sore, but nothing to write home about.

and lastly, all of you more advanced gear users say us first timers should use just test our first cycle. do we do PCT??? or just test???

thanks a ton for all yalls help and hope what i said here has helped.

You should always have PCT on hand for any cycle. You may not need it, but you may need it. So, you should have it on hand if nasty E side effects appear.

when you say you should always have PCT on hand… you mean i should have those products ready available in case something happens, even though im gonna do PCT after the cycle??? ok. then if problems arise i should just start my PCT in mid cycle. does this mean i still do PCT after the cycle? could i just take something during my cycle to help reduce such risks?? like prov?