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Titan Fury?

Anyone use this shirt? If so, a review or comments?

If you bench like a denim shirt wearer, the fury NXG+ will be perfect. Its one of the best Poly shirts available. if you bench higher up, then inzer EHPHD/Phenom seems to be better for that.

The main problem with Titan is their delivery time. While it comes down, it can still take a few weeks to get a off the shelf sized fury.

I’ve heard tell that it is very difficult to get the bar down with weights in low 400’s

Its a mater of technique. I know plenty of people getting down 165-300lbs in the shirts (women mainly). You have to tuck the elbows in tight, and bring it down as low as you can (usapl is sternum, other feds you can get it onto your stomach)

My perfect spot is right over my sternum. I dont like benching off of my stomach. Would the fury be good for me?

Any shirt would be better than the one you have Goldie :slight_smile:

for 85$ you cant go wrong, and if you do, you can sell them off via ebay anyway :slight_smile: I havent got one, but will be getting one.
The Metal Bencher also sounds interesting, but they cost FAR too much.

What about the double fury. I read that dave gratton couldnt touch with less than 430 with his on. I think the double fury is called the boss? but im not really sure.

We use the fury. Depending on what your reference point is, it can be a challenging shirt to adapt to. Unlike an Inzer poly, which is what I call a “push” shirt in that you get the majority of the pop from behind the arms, the Fury is a “pull” shirt in that you get your pop from the chest panel. You need to break it in on boards. You may have to raise your head to touch your chest, depending on how strong your lockout is. How the shirt is set-up makes a huge amount of difference in how it performs. Bottom line, excellent shirt but it takes alot of sessions in it to figure it out. If you are planning on purchasing it for a specific meet, make sure you get 6-8 sessions in it before you compete. I would also recommend buying two sizes. A looser shirt to train in and learn, and a tighter shirt for competition. Turn around time is getting better, and I know Safe USA stocks the fury now. www.safe-usa.com. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I should be able to help out.

Golberg, the fury would probably work well for you. The stronger your lockout, and the greater your ability to keep your chest up and your shoulder blades squeezed together, the better the shirt works. (Upper back and lat strength help tremendously.) I have no experience with the boss…I am pretty sure it is still just a prototype.

I am getting ready to order 2 titan fury 1 training shirt and 1 comp shirt… and 2 phenoms 1 for training and 1 for comp…i am hopeing 1 of them is going to get me to my 500 bench in april…my best comp bench is in a single ply denim frantz in the summer of 02’ that is the only denim shirt that has worked for me…yet my bench is 60-100 pounds more know and i do 10x better in the gym with a single ply poly training shirt… and i have done tons and tons of studying of denim technique i own all the metal militia videos…yet i have hit over 60 pounds more in training in a single ply poly inzer shirt…currently i have a double denim open back from inzer fits tight my form is right on i can get most anything to touch and thats the problem…i have found that i have way to fast of a eccentric portion to bench in a denim right now…i can bench more in a single ply poly shirt from inzer than i can in the dd from inzer…the dd slows me down way to much and creates a dead stop on my chest causing A take-away effect of what i do best…the polys absorb the weight in the bottom letting me use my speed and help push to lock out…where it feels the denim blows the bar of my chest and then stop through the lock out…this gives me a very odd felling and tricks me into not pushing as hard of the chest in my denim…so i am going to use one of these shirts to get to 500 and then maybe take a year working with a denim…my 2cents …big martin

apwsearch- i went to the safe usa website and they didnt have titan shirts where on the web site did you see this…this would be great if they sold the shirts…thanks for your help…big martin

Everybody is saying that it’s the cadillac of bench shirts…

They’re also claiming that it makes the bench the most technical of the triathalon.

The BOSS isnt out officially yet.

Martin, just call on Monday. They aren’t really advertising the fact. We have bought 3 shirts from them in the last 2 months. They also stock Titan’s base squat suit, (victor) THP wraps, and occasionally have a few Centurians on hand. We order all our Titan stuff from them. Scott Safe has earned every nickel of our business.

One more thing while I’m thinking about it. If you have the time, buy just the training fit first. This will give you an idea of what you need. For example, you may come to the conclusion that you want to keep the arm size of the training shirt but go with a smaller chest panel; may want a little length added or taken from the sleeves, (closer to the elbow and still legal, the better) etc. This is a custom fit. The training shirt can allow you to figure this out before you buy a competition fit. We end up ordering the same size sleeves, but smaller chest panel more often than not for competition fit. We will also sometimes add a little length to the sleeves depending on where it ends when seated. Good luck.

Yea that was my plan as right now i weigh 260 and i plan to compete in the 242’s so i was going to order a traing shirt now and then reavaluate between the fury and phenom in april when i am around 245 or so…big martin

I see that you can order online now at the titan website. Im seriously considering going this route.

don’t get a metal bencher. their squat and DL suits are good but the bench shirt is way too tight on the arms while still lose in the chest.
the shirt cut off circulation to my arms, which are not big compared to my chest, while it was still pretty loose in the chest.
the top lifters at my club are saying Titan Fury these days. but they too say it is very technical. they complain of a floating sensation.

I can’t say it simpler than that after only 2 sessions in my Fury I got 50 pounds on my bench. And, the thing is bigger than it should be cause I lost some weight since I ordered.

I can only dream what I would get when I get back my 10 pounds, and the Fury fits correctly.


Go with the fury it’s a good shirt.