Titan Fitness Safety Squat Bar

Titan Fitness Safety Squat Bar

A safety-squat bar allows your spine to stay more neutral and upright. It minimizes shear forces on the lower back and allows you to use a greater range of motion through your hips, knees, and ankles. And if your shoulders are feeling the wear 'n tear of experience, this bar will make squatting much more comfortable.

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More safety-bar exercises from coach Mike Over:

BIG fan of my Titan SSB…well, actually, I hate it, but that’s what makes me a big fan of it. That bar will absolutely steal your soul if you let it, and it ALSO lets you really go the distance on long, painful sets of squats, because you can “rest” with it much easier than you can with a traditional barbell. It’s a regular feature in my Saturday workouts

PLUS, you can always turn it around for front squats too.

Great for working around a variety of injuries as well. I did that latter version because I had just torn my tricep/teres minor and wasn’t comfortable holding a barbell in a traditional OR front rack position.

A SSB was THE first specialty barbell I ever bought, and I don’t regret it.

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I find the back squat with SSB to be harder than a barbell, and the front squat to be easier. Probably has to do with the camber putting the weight in front of you for a back squat, and it moving the weight back on a front squat in relation to a barbell.

I find it much more comfortable to front squat with. That is for sure.

It’s absolutely more comfortable front squatting with the SSB vs the barbell, which is especially awesome for high rep front squats. Don’t have to deal with the bar choking you out.

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Do you feel the Titan SBB is a knock off product? It seems like a direct copy of the EliteFTS SSB other than finish?

I’ve never used an Elitefts SSB to be able to compare the two.

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I love SSBs and have used quite a few!

This Titan SSB is very similar to the EliteFTS SSB (the “yoke”). I’m a big fan. These bars really want to drive your face into the ground, but there is no nuance to getting under them like there is a barbell.

I did not like the v1 Titan SSB. It had a super stiff, high pad that just stacked the bar up on your shoulders. It felt like a really high bar squat, but the camber of the bar didn’t really do anything to bring the weight forward. It became more awkward than a barbell, rather than less.

The Rogue SSB has slightly less forward drive than this Titan SSB; I prefer Titan here.

I got to use a spider bar for the first time last weekend. It has a really steep drop and angle to the weights and actually forces you back instead of driving your face forward. Very different feel, but it was really cool. I don’t think you’d be able to do all the additional lifts with it that you can with a more traditional SSB.