Titan Dip Machine

I can’t say enough about this machine. I’m a big guy and fit in it easily. If you’re heavy and can’t do dips, your shoulders are messed up, or you’re just new to dips, you can’t beat it for the price. There’s plenty of space for weight.



Nice. I think @T3hPwnisher has a lot of Titan equipment and speaks highly of the brand too

I think Titan is hit or miss with quality, but on certain items that are good quality the value for price is excellent.

I use their duffalo bar at my gym. It’s a great bar aside from the center knurling being a bit off. I’d take that small imperfection any day considering it’s like half the price of the competition.

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I have the Titan H-PND (their heavy duty reverse hyper) and it’s great. Also have their SSB, and a few other items.

I have only had one minor issue so far and I think it occurred during shipping when I ordered a barbell holder and one of the tubes was damaged.

They ship very fast (way faster than REP at least), they have great prices, and in my experience with the one item that arrived damaged they offered an exchange or small rebate immediately and the customer service was great.