TisDrew's 5/3/1 Log

I’ve got a couple cycles of 5/3/1 under my belt. I took some time off after 2 cycles because jiu jitsu hurt my elbow (bad armbar). I’ve since quit jiu jitsu so I can focus on lifting. I then repeated my second cycle and have just finished a 3rd messed up cycle.

209-215 lbs.
BF 15-20%? Whatever, the mirror is more important.
Deadlifts: 325x5;405x1
Bench Press: 225x8;275x1
Front Squat: 220x3;245x1 (with belt)
Military Press: 140x6

I’m going to be posting my workouts here to keep myself more accountable and stop having training ADD/retardedness. I’m going to be starting a fresh cycle of 5/3/1 after my deload this coming next week. I kinda fucked myself on squats so I missed out on my 5’s week because I tried to do back squats this cycle, but my lower back wasn’t going to have it.

Will be doing front squats since I have no problems with it. My lower back has no problems with deadlifts, so I don’t know what to say about that.

My goals right now are these:

-Adding muscle and improving strength
-Not get any fatter (cardio and less carbs in diet but I’m not cutting. When my lifts stall, I’ll add in more calories.)

Short term goals:
225x10 Bench
295x1 Bench
185x1 Military Press

Mid term goals:
315x1 Bench/Front Squat
500x1 Deadlift
225x1 Military Press

Long Term goals:
405 Bench
600 Deadlift

Breakfast: 10am
Glass of Orange Juice
3 fish oil capsules
3 egg omelet with onions/ham
2 cups of instant oatmeal


Lunch: 2 or 3pm
Chicken Breast
Glass of Milk

Gym from 3-4 or 4-5
Post Workout: 4 or 5pm
Syntha-6 + Milk, Protein Shake

Dinner: 8:30pm
Varies between the following: spaghetti w/ sausage and bread, 2 cheeseburgers + fruit, fish + bread + diced potatoes, steak + broccoli + bread. Always with a glass of milk.

I sometimes have a snack around 6:30 between PWO and Dinner.

Training maxes for next cycle are going to be:

My weaknesses are:
Bench: Delts
Deadlift: Glutes and lower back
Front Squats: Glutes (right side is weaker)

Details: assistance is ramped and records are shown and I try to make new rep PR’s every time.
M Deadlift 531
50 Pull Ups Throughout workout
Seated calves 3x15x135
Deadlift 531
BBB 5x10@210
Standing EZ Curls 95x10

T off

W Bench 531
Flat Bench 531
3,1 One-Arm Push-Ups
DB Bench 70x12
DB Rows 110x11
DB Incline Curls 35x10
Tri Ext140x8

R Squats 531
Leg Press Calves 405x8
Seated Calf Raises 135x15,10
Front Squats 531
Pistols 2x5 to a box
Reverse Lunges 135x8 or Walking Lunges 45’s x10

F OHP 531
OHP 531
3,1 One Armed Push-Ups
Pull Ups +35x6
bust out another 20 reps for volume throughout rest of work out
Dips +70x6//+90x3
Preacher EZ Curls 90x10
Reverse Grip Curls 65x10
Lateral Raises 35x10;40x6

Cardio will be done 3 times per week. I either swim sprints, run a set distance outside (2.5-3 mi), or do sprints/jump rope in my back yard. I have an obsession with bicep/calf hypertrophy.

woke up 8:40am
beach until 12:30
chicken + milk + fruit @ 1

gym at 2:30
OHP 531

3,2 One Armed Push-Ups
Pull Ups +35x5
Dips +70x5
19 more pull-ups
Standing EZ Curls 95x11
Reverse Grip Curls 65x12

//preacher station was taken//

3:30 protein shake

8 steak + broccoli + mashed potatoes + bread

Mile jog. Would’ve been more like 3 but I neglected to use the restroom before hand.

1030am breakfast

1pm: workout
Deload day
Deadlift 5x10x210 double over-handed except last set where i mixed it
7 pull ups
135x20 seated calves
5 pull ups
6 pull ups (chalk began here)
135x20 seated calves
5 pull ups
3 pull ups
135x12 seated calves
4 pull ups w/ straps for a total of 30 pull ups
75x7,85x8,95x10 standing ez curls
2pm: protein shake w/ banana blended in

I needed the deload today. I felt incredibly weak (probably the timing on going to the gym and eating). The 5x10 with deadlifts was a bruiser of an exercise. I love it.
5pm chicken breast, milk, and broccoli

8pm 2 cheeseburgers w/ onions, milk, bowl of fruit

3:45pm start

2.5 mile run
39 minutes
avg of 15.6 minutes per mile
hot as hell
and I’m slow as hell

I’ll be keeping the distance the same but aim to beat my times each run. New goal of 2.5 miles in 20 minutes. I ran a 7 minute mile in high school, so I know it’s possible.

Did yard work this morning. Cut down a tree. Axes are cool.

BB Bench

DB Bench
55x10 65x10 75x13 (expected something like this since main lift was so easy)

DB Rows
85x8 100x5 110x5 110x9 (chalk last set)

DB Curls
25x10 30x10 40x10 40x7 (good mind-muscle connection)

Cable Rope Pulldowns
100x12 easy 140x12 140x10

Will do 2x3 for one-armed push-ups later today. I just kinda forgot during my workout

EDIT: just did those push-ups. turned my face red. hard as crap

good luck bro…i’m also doing 5/3/1 on here

Keep it up. I just started, too. Looks like a pretty solid 5-3-1 crowd for the summer.

Deload squat workout

Front Squat

5 reps to aerobic step-up @ 6 increments
5 reps to aerobic step-up @ 5 increments
3 reps to aerobic step-up @ 5 increments

BB Reverse Lunges

Didn’t feel like doing calves today. I’ll do jump rope later today.

Will do 2x3 one-armed push ups later. Didn’t feel like going in to do OHP with like 75 lbs.

250 free
2x100 fly/free/breast/free
8x25 same order
2x50 free
1x100 free

total: 1050
just had a mental block today against free. the warm-up went super fast though

got the first set of 1-armed push-ups without too much trouble. then my left side couldn’t pull off the second set.

right left
1…fail,1 (this set was just testing technique)
I’m doing left side first, but the technique from right to left seems totally different. My right arm sinks into the twist totally fine and natural. Left side is like a legit push-up straight up and down. There’s like no leaning with the left side. The right side could probably bust out sets of 5 or 6. But I’m struggling hard to get 3 with the left. :frowning:

lookin’ good bro keep up the good work

225x10 (start of BBB)

50 Pull Ups

Seated Calf Raises

—10 min pause, talking w/ someone—

EZ Curls

looks like a great session man…real nice deads…BTW, hate when someone gets your ear…happened to me tonight

The deadlifting destroyed my grip haha. My last set of BBB felt like 325 was still loaded up haha. I got that last rep on that last set and began to set the weight down when my left hand just gave out. It cracked me up. I’m weird, but feeling muscular fatigue/weakness makes me all giggly. And the pull-ups were easy to do strength-wise, but the grip was killing me. 9 sets for 50 reps is okay I guess. I’m going to try to widdle that down to 5.

I’ve been having the same problem. My hands are so destroyed from deads that it really affects my pullups. I’ve been using chalk to help my grip on deadlifts but I never use straps or gloves.

Yeah, I just went with chalk on everything. Was about ready to pull out the straps for those pull-ups though.

6:40 of jump rope
1 lap of walking lunges in the back yard
3 more minutes of jump rope

My grip strength is really unbalanced.

215x9 (possibly 10, i always lose count, but we’ll be conservative) estimated 1rm of 279

DB Row
110x13 (right) and 9 (left, pausing every 3 to readjust grip)

DB Bench
80x5 (heavy shit)

DB Curls
50x4 strict, 1 cheat
30x12 unilateral with focus on mind-muscle connection

Didn’t wait for rope pull downs. No protein at the house. Just drank 3 tall glasses of milk for protein (~40g of protein). Just remembered that excessive consumption of milk makes people nauseous as the gallon challenge indicates. Will attempt 2x3 on one-armed push-ups later.

Nice job. I’m taking your advice on the Kroc Rows for next week and going heavy for however many I can muster.

Keep working that grip. The left will catch up. I won’t even make any jokes about switching hands for jerking off…DOH!

[quote]JLD2k3 wrote:
Nice job. I’m taking your advice on the Kroc Rows for next week and going heavy for however many I can muster.

Keep working that grip. The left will catch up. I won’t even make any jokes about switching hands for jerking off…DOH![/quote]


Today’s workout:
Front Squats

Leg Press Calves

Pistols to 5 blocks
Pistols to 4 blocks

A Lunges 135x3x5
B Seated Calf Raises 150x8,145x17

Basically except for the pistols and lunges, today sucked ass. No MM in calves at all. Front squats felt 40 pounds heavier than they were supposed to be. Basically a shit day. Wasn’t mentally psyched up in the least for this.

Good work bro and real nice job squatting. Front squats can be extremely brutal.