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I was just wondering where people have been getting their tires for flipping and sledgehammer GPP? Would a commercial/farm tire store give these away or do they have to be purchased? Thanks in advance.


Try calling some local salvage yards. I think that's a PC term for "junk yard".


I have 4 different size tires-and I got them all for free. They were used and most places that have old tires will be more than happy to give them to you-especially if you tell them what you want them for :slightly_smiling:

Just try calling around to regular tire retailers/auto shops and ask where they dispose of their tires. The small ones are very easy to find-the big ones might take some searching for.


That is for sure! I have been trying to find a place with a 5 or 600 pound tire for a couple months. Everywhere I check the biggest they have is 18 wheeler size.

Anyone actually able to get a BIG tire anywhere?


Yea, I've had the same problem. I've been lookin for a big tractor tire that weighs between 400-500 or more pounds, but the biggest i've been able to get is a semi tire.


You might try a tractor supply store or Farmer's co-op. I got a couple of tires from the co-op off of an A tractor. One is about a 400 pound tire and the other is almost too damn big for me right now. It weighs about 740 pounds. They were more than happy for someone to come get the tires and actually loaded them up for me. They said they typically have to pay someone to come get them.


Check with a local farmer for an old tractor tire. Maybe he or she would let you work for it, then you would be getting an awesome workout and a huge tire.


Call a farmer. Most of them have tractors. I know those tires take time to wear out but I'm sure there must be some out there.


find a implement tire dealer, I know tractore supply company and john deere have dealers all over the country so you should be able to find something. Any place that sells these tires more then likely has got some used ones lying around. You will either find some with decent tread that they may be selling as used (wich you would obviously have to pay for) or some bald as hell ones they will more then definatly give you as otherwise they would have to pay a hefty disposal fee.


The problem I've been running into with the Equipment places are that most of them have a contract with whoever hauls the tires off. They can't just let you take them. They all have told me to try and contact a tire place, which all I have spoken with carry 18 wheeler tires...


Your best bet is to look in the phone book for a place that sells tires for heavy equipment (back-hoes, bulldozers, etc.). There is one not far from my house and they have tons of old tires just waiting for some nutjob to come and flip them away.


I could be that nutjob. What city are you in?


Thanks for all of the info guys...got a good semi truck tire...still on the look out for a tractor tire though. It took me a full morning and 7 tire stores to get a used semi tire. Every place was hesitant about giving out used tires because, get this...people were asking for blown, old, shitty semi tires and trying to patch them up and put them back on trucks! Scary shit man. Cheers.


Calling backhoe dealers and tractor stores is a good idea. You could always look online if you really felt like paying a few hundred bucks for a tire. Semi truck tires are fun to stack up. I worked in a tire warehouse one summer and dealt with the full gamut of tires. Try getting a bunch of semi truck tires, and stacking them about 8 or 10 high, that is a great workout. I would also call a tire store that has the most shops in the area. If they are like the place I worked at, they are spread out in other states and in rural areas, so they may have offices elsewhere with old tires.


Try a tractor/heavy equipment yard.

I don't have my tire yet, but my dad has a tractor for his construction business. I asked him about getting a tire and he said his tractor parts dude has stacks of used tires and it should be no problem.

This is in Southern California, somewhere in the Inland Empire. If all goes well I will pass on the yard's contact info.