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TireGuy Log #FatBoySets

Havnt been able to make it to the gym but still doing basics in my room at work
2 x 15 sits up
100 push ups in various sets and variations
40 push ups in single set

trying to eat as low carbs as possible, not counting anything and still enjoying food but making conscious choices to see if I cant drop to 220 without extreme dieting.
Basically just gave up as many sweets as possible.


weighted in at 237 fully clothed with shoes long johns etc on. Bloat is completely gone, ate too much food for dinner and lunch .

Typical day, stretching and 70 push ups today. My neck is bugging me, I slept in and on it weird I guess. Tomorrow will make it for weight training.

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Made it to the gym!
Did my stretches, 40 push ups.
20 minutes cardio 10 treadmill on 13 incline 4 mph speed and 10 minutes on bike change difficultly intermittently.


Weighing 237 fully clothed with two layers on.

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Didn’t have much time today, tried to get in what I could.
10 minutes stationary bike on random intervals of difficulty
smith machine benching ( not including bar weight as I have no idea what it is)
10x20 pounds
only did stretching today, slept like shit and wasn’t feeling it.

2 days left until I leave my ice prison. Weighing around 235, in days off ill run a deficient and see if I cant hit under 230 pounds first time since I was 21.

did 60 body squats, push ups and sit ups.

will be nice to be off night shift and sleep longer than 7 hours.

Under 235 today, I weighed that fully clothed… did 120 push ups 3 sets of 4 in 3 different arm variations, used various things at work for a workout. Did 60 squats with roughly 60 pounds, 2 sets of 15 did double hand tricep extensions with 50-60 pounds(chain and steel jackstand),3 sets of 15 single arm rows with 60 pounds.

Thinking about going to do deadlifts at camp, super slow night at work… making for it to drag… can not wait to get out of here Thursday morning…

Finally back at work, so life will be back to routine.

Last two weeks were hectic, did some sight seeing and spend quality time with the new girlfriend.

last 9 days weight training everyday just about here are key things I hit while at home:
Hit 485 deadlift for 1 rep x 2 after not deadlifting heavy since December, bench was 275 x 8 and squats I did 5 x 5 at 225 fairly easily.

Felt weak but the numbers don’t lie, just not peaking or lifting as heavy as often.

will weigh my self later today, suspect im around 235ish.
Also side note, went to meet with new trainer. Waited 30 minutes before leaving, emailed him and he forgot to add me to his calendar… bad start to the new year so will continue until im able to make it back to the city and meet up again.

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Gym at work has been completed so I was very aggressive the first day.

Started with a after nightshift workout at 550 am with 3 sets of 20 lay pull downs at 100 lbs,
Moving into bench.
8 x 45
8 x 2 x 225

Arm curls
20 x 2 with 20 or 25lbs can’t remember
Slept roughly 6-7 hours( can never sleep well on nights)

Woke up had snack laid down for a couple
Hours couldn’t sleep so I had a “energy bar” with peanut butter and hit the gym again.

Warmed up with stretches and did the following:
Lat pull downs focusing on eccentrics
10 x 110
10 x 130
10 x 150

Different variation of standing land pull downs
10 x 70
10 x 100
10 x 130

40 push ups in between sets

Then finally deadlifts
5 x 45
5 x 135 felt insanely fast and actually slipped my knee
5 x 225
5 x 315
3 x 405
5 x 225

Felt good ate big now resting before shift :sleeping:

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After work quick workout before dinner:

Incline dumbbell press
20 x 40
15 x 55
12 x 70

Pec flies
15 x 3 x 100lb

went for minor biceps but felt pain in my elbow.

Slept late and missed the gym before work, will do shoulders more extensively before dinner.

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Address the elbow pain now. It can be a real prick.

Anecdotally, very light high rep hammer curls work well.

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I think its just “snapping tricep” acting up, had it bad when I was younger.

But will check it out so it doesn’t bother me more.

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Holy man, I need to update frequently or I lose track even though I got a note book now I forget that also … every…damn…day.

20 minutes cardio
squats - all beltless
5x45 - had trouble finding balance in my chuck’;s missing my squat shoes at home

Back extensions

Hammer curls
5 sets with various weights and reps I don’t count just until pump.

reverse hypers

Cable back rows

Thursday morning
Thursday night
20 minutes mix cardio 10 min incline treadmill 10 min bike - have trouble doing cardio boring…

Lat pull downs close grip

Tricep extensions - cable machine
10 x 90
10 x 110
10 x 130

back extensions
3 x 15

going direct to bed tonight after dinner, having trouble staying awake tonight at work. Considering taking the day off the gym tomorrow besides just doing sit ups and cardio.+

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Been training religiously still, but forgetting to log as my workload has been upped recently so my free time has been way down. Coming to a realization I need to get my diet in check, over excessive stress eating is killing me with sweets and pastries… need self control and discipline.

But everyday doing 20 - 30 minutes of cardio in the morning after waking up, followed by stretching and compound movements. After work I will do a quick 30 minute training session of accessories like arms, shoulders, back (nothing weighted ie extensions etc.)

I seem to have plateaued at losing weight and cant get under 240 again, but I blame my lack of self discipline not the situation or reactions.

today as follows to try and start again, later I will try to upload a before and after body composition picture to hold myself even more accountable.

cardio - 13 incline - 3.5-4 mph speed incremental increases until finished

stretching (I will learn the name of the stretches I do so I can be more specific) - 10 minutes

deadlift - technique is slowly coming back, no weight belt so this is all raw in converse shoes.
8 x 45
5 x 135
5 x 225
5 x 213
5 x 405
1 x 455

Feeling beat up so stopped there.

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rest day, skipped the gym in the morning after work. Ate a relatively small meal with higher than normal carbs for me and slept almost 9 hours. Woke up groggy so used this day for light work.

Cardio 15 minutes on bike, intervals nothing hard though.

back extensions 3 x 15 body weight

incline sit ups 3 x 12 with slow eccentrics and flexed holds top/bottom

10 minutes of cardio, followed by stretching

regular bench
20 x 45
12 x 135
10 x 225
8 x 225 - gave up to easily
10 x 225

close grip
15 x 135
12 x 185
8 x 225
8 x 225

hammer curls and isolated curls

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Not the first time back in 2 weeks, but first mentionable time. After two weeks of binge drinking basically I felt like absolute crap, reminding myself my goals but did have some fun admittedly.
Going to pick up the Matt wenning manual this Friday when I get paid and follow it to see what happens 3 days a week.

5 x 45
5 x 95
5 x 135
12 x 225
3 x 275
8 x 225
10 x 135 - close grip.

Tricep work
3 movements varied high rep sets for a good pump.

Been training consistently, just not tracking.

going through a break up will be mia for while.


picked up some stuff to stay active, back at it.

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