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TireGuy Log #FatBoySets

Hey All,

Thanks for the various help. Lots of shit going on but today was my first day training with a goal of competing in May. I emailed Calgary Barbell in hopes of obtaining Bryce as my coach as I have currently been free balling my training. I feel after 1 year of PL training I am currently reaching a wall with training of only getting small improvements and hoping this all brings me to the next level. I’m starting this as you all have helped me with my random dumb questions and asked nothing in return. I also want to be held accountable and able to track my training and progress.
My stats as of today.
Height: 6’1
Squat:375 raw walked out 430 mono lift single ply briefs

I am recovering from the flu or whatever kind of bug I got while at work and this is my first time training since the 23rd. Felt little weaker but good, I also start every session with mobility work and stretching to stay limber as FRIG.

Any who today went as follows:
(All raw, I try not to use a weight belt)

Clean and jerk + squats (There is no rack at my work currently, I have to overhead press any weight to squat it since I train alone so I keep the weight low)
1x135 C&J
5x135 paused squats
1x135 C&J
5x135 paused squats
1x135 C&J
5x135 paused squats

10x2x each side 10lb sledgehammer swings on a tire.

Thanks for viewing.


In for this.

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Mobility work and stretching hasn’t helped, slept 7 1/2 hours today and woke up with the stiffest of necks. Felt drained and still no appetite, still kinda sick so taking today and tomorrow off. Will resume training on Friday. Did do minor stretching pre work shift tonight.

Also still no response from Calgary barbell, ugh I just want a coach. Big flaw I have is a i’m a doer, point and go kind of person. I’ve done lots of research and while I feel I can make a program I doubt myself with minimal experience in actual powerlifting.


Neck is fine, havnt made it to the gym at camp as my work schedule as been insane and getting maybe 6-7 hours max of sleep. Feeling sluggish but managed to stretch and do about 120 push ups in 3 sets of 40.
Also got ambitious at work did 2 sets of 15 x whatever a mounted 19.5 tire & wheel weights close grip floor press.
Then single arm rows with roughly 60-70 pound jack stand pieces.

Good news, seems I have found a coach! So waiting to finalize everything and will have a plan with the goal of may in mind.

wish me luck,

Tire guy.

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Did as follows
10 x 135
10 x 155
10 x 255
OHP - still at work so I have to clean and strict press the weight from the floor
8 x 135
6 x 155
4 x 165

various cable movements for back and triceps.

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Current shape this was mid day and fully clothed


Stretching and mobility work. Decided moving forward I will add planks and any other suggested core strengtheners moving forward if anyone has an idea.

Did 90 push ups in 3 sets, using different arm positions for pump.

My coach swears by lying leg raises (floor or bench) and standing crunches with a band (done while bracing the whole time).

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Thanks man for all the input, ill give it a go… ill do circles occasionally but been lazy.

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I could do the 100 prisoner squats and standing crunches Greg does daily but I wouldn’t be able to keep it up. So I don’t. I just do what I can consistently.

That’s something I’ve learned. Don’t do shit unless you can keep doing it.

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Makes sense, I could always do more but im being steady and remaining injury free which counts for something. Thanks again much appreciated.

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Last day at work until the 26th, 2 nights in montreal booked for some fun :slight_smile:
But sunday is squats with the club, looking to get some bench in too.

Did 80 lb rows 3 x 12
good mornings with 160 lbs 3 x 12
100 push ups, 3 different variations.

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Had a minor workout on friday that was chest press with dumb bells and alot of cable work in a hotel.

But today did squats
5 x 95
5 x 135
3 x 5 x 225
10 x 135

limited time but got it in

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Feeling it today. Last night training session consisted of.


Arm curls for the girls


Spontaneous training session with cousins husband:

5 x 45
5 x 95
5 x 135
5 x 185
8 x 225
4 x 275 - drop set
5 x 225 - drop set
8 x 135 - drop set

Incline bench
5 x 115
5 x 165
8 x 165 - drop set
6 x 115 - drop set

Pec flies
1/3 stack for 10
2/3 stack for 10
Full stack drop set reps unknown

Assisted dips for sets
2 tricep movements on cables

Insane pump, should have double dd’s by the end of winter.

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Havnt been keeping a overt accurate log since it’s been Christmas time.

Various arm curls and movements with dumbbells, bands and cable.

Back rows


Heading back to work for the next two weeks, merry Christmas everyone.


Bent over rows 3x12
Sledge hammer conditioning 3x20 reps
100 pound goblet squats 12x3

1 x 10 x 45
1 x 10 x 135
1 x 10 x 225
1 x 10 x 325
1 x 3 x 400
1 x 10 x 225
Standing OHP
2 x 10 x 135
Bent over rows reverse grip
2 x 10 x 135
Incline bench on smith machine (not sure what bar weighs assuming 45lbs)
1 x 20 x 135
1 x 12 x 225
Hammer curls
2 x 20 x 25 lbs
standing flies
2 x 10 x 15 lbs

Sitting at 240 pounds fully clothed with a sweater, hat, long johns phone 2 pairs of socks.
Assuming I gained 5 pounds withouts clothes from 230 to 235 from Christmas break feel extremely bloated now on 1cc/t400 a week. will stop volume training jan 9 and go back to lifting heavy.

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Lowering carb intake (wish me luck) seems my bloat from bumping up is fading away.
Hamstrings are killing me still from deadlift earlier this week took today off also but did:
3 x 30 second planks
3 x 30 push ups
3 x 15 body weight squats
after usual stretching.

Made it to the gym after all, cant stay away but my work is shut down for blizzard conditions.

did smith bench
20 x 90 on bar
20 x 140 on bar
20 x 140 on bar

shoulder flies
3 x 20 x 15lbs
shoulder raises
3 x 22 x 30lbs on cable machine
tricep push downs
3 x 20 x 80lbs
standing rows
3 x 10 x 135
various curls.

20 minutes combined cardio between tread mill on incline & bike.

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Day off I think, unless another blizzard moves in at work which ill do cardio and get a light pump for back and legs.

2 x 30 pushups
2 x 20 body weight squats

For my last meal of the year I went all out, pray for dietary discipline in the new year for me… Aint fat boy sets for nothing.
3 pieces of beef wellington
1 half a chicken breast cordon blu
ceaser salad
creamy cauliflower
parmesan potatoes
a few onion rings & fried shrimp
decent sized piece of caramel chocolate cheese cake.

trying not to nap.

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