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Tiredness After Carbs?

Ok, my question is, is it normal to feel pretty tired after pretty high carb meals, 3 of my 6 meals a day contain at least 200g of carbs and the others are around about 100 +/- 1 or 2gs. So after a 200g carb intake is it normal to feel pretty tired? if so what has everyone done to counter this? atm im just taking caffiene throughout the day when i get this feeling.

Cheers UM

It’s common, especially if you’re consuming high-glycemic carbs.

Take a nap or a walk.

Ok, thanks alot :slight_smile: it was mainly the issue of i kept falling asleep at my desk in the office which they aint to pleased about lol. Gives me more reason to go out and get more food

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
It’s common, especially if you’re consuming high-glycemic carbs.

Take a nap or a walk.[/quote]

I’m sorry but I have to say that taking a nap would be a silly thing to do after an insulin spike which is what makes people sleepy combined with insulin resistance. Going for a walk is a much better suggestion.

what about eating less carbs?

[quote]EasyRhino wrote:
what about eating less carbs?[/quote]

Excellent post!

  • Eat more fat/protein with the meal.
  • Look into fish oil and other supps that improve insulin resisitance
  • loose fat
  • exercise hard
  • regular meals rather than big binges seem to help some

I’ve found that using more fibrous sources - my three primary ones being oatmeal, sweet potato and brown rice - is very beneficial in this respect. Padding out the meal with plenty of veggies and some fat seems to work wonders too.

I would mention protein but I would hope you’re consuming protein with every meal anyway.

Try to get your carbs earlier in the day. Most folks have much better insulin sensitivity (read: you don’t fall asleep on your feet from it as badly) earlier in the morning than later in the evening.