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Whats up guys,

I am completely tired of getting no where. Starting not finishing. Being in the same place that I have been for as long as I can remember. This first year of college was fun, but nothing in the right direction. So the thing I can absolutely control is my body. I am a little over weight nothing to be called obese, but not happy. I KNOW I CAN GET RIPPED ON FOR THIS POST but I hope that wont be done. I am not happy and need some help. What can I do, starting TOMMOROW, that will change this. What workouts have been extremely effective for anyone who posts? What have you done to get out of a slump? I just need some motivation, not flaming. CONSISTANCY CONSISTANCY CONSISTANSCY, I know but where should I begin? Thanks guys just gotta get out of this slump. Point me in the right direction, please.


Muscle mass is built from one thing only: food. If you’re eating the right things in sufficient quantities, you can do any routine out there and get good results.

Stretch, lift hard, and do cardio. What more can be said on this topic?

Tell us if your dominantly fast-twitch or slow-twitch. Then tell us how much booze or other drugs you consume. Finally, realize that everyone in this world has their own expectations and that they’re probably never going to match yours. Oh and everyone’s out to see you fail =D. It’s pretty damn motivating. I finally got down to a six-pack (32inch waist) in september after being out of state for 3 months. I came back home and my buddies completely screwed up my diet and added some more beer in there and I lost it. Not to mention they’re a bunch of “cock-blockers”.

Eat proeprly and do the basics, Bench, Squat, Deadlifts, etc with a decent weight. Make some sort of a table for your workout, keep adding weight each week - at least there in the numbers you can see the improvement even if it seems to be hiding in the mirror

Awesome! You are making the choice I should have made. When I was in college, I stopped working out. I got fat, depressed and suicidal. After I got out and got my head together a bit (joined the army) I realized that exercise keeps me sane.
You want to know what will work today/tomorrow. I don’t need to know what you weigh, how much you drink, which mag/webite is your favorite to get off to. Here is what you can do today to get started. GO TO THE GYM!!
Remember, the journey of a 100 miles starts with a single step. Your step is to go to the gym and do something, anything. Play around for the next week. You won’t get huge, cut or overtrained but you will get used to going to the gym.
Next week, test your maxes and set some goals. Then start a program designed to achieve your goals. That is when we need to know how much you drink, eat, shower, etc.

Good luck, you have already learned a lesson that took me 7 painful years to learn.

I’ve got a question kind of in-line with the original poster.

I don’t really have a problem training consistently. For me, training is a ton of fun. It’s like a little vacation every day from the bullshyat.

My question is… how the hell do you keep up with all the eating!? I don’t know if I’m just one of the stereotyped college-age slackers or what, but leaving for work before 7am and not coming back from the gym until about 8pm, and then spending an hour and a half cooking chicken, vegetables, ground beef, doing a sinkload of dishes twice a night, y’know? How do you keep motivated with all that stuff? Do you have any tricks to minimize preparation?

ANYTHING!? I know my training isn’t a problem (my “specialty” is in exercise physiology) and I know my nutritional principles are in-line, but I always end up sticking with it for three weeks, gaining a ton of weight and setting a bunch of PRs, and then falling off the bandwagon because it feels like I’m going full-speed non-stop 16 hours a day either working, training, or cooking.

I mean I don’t want to think I just “don’t have what it takes”… is there something more to it than just buckling down and doing it?

nice reply starkman. inspirational comments. cool guy. good luck

All I can say is that it’s not just going to the gym. It’s training, charting progress and not losing your gains due to poor nutrition.