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Tired the Tris and wanna go Bi

Heya manimal. Issue: I have, if I may be so honestly grandios, sick tricep development, they respond phenomenally to the “8-12” rep range so that’s where I keep it most of the time. I would, however, like to pack some size onto my biceps. Is it possibly that they are fast twitch, thus responding better to higher reps (That is the way it works, right?) Any quick and sure-fire, Flex-reader (idiot)-proof way to find out fer shur? Any help would be, as usual, greatly appreciated. Oh, and, release the T2!!! Whoo ha!!

“Tap out…it’ll feel better”


I know Poliquin has said that the elbow flexors (biceps) respond better to lower reps and heavy weight more the majority of trainees. So try it out. You’ve got nothing to lose! Hey, you could be like me, I have hardly any biceps. It doesn’t matter if I work biceps directly or not. They stay the same size.

I’m trying something new that I got out of an article in MILO by Pavel Tsatsouline. I have my chin up bar in my door at home. Every time I walk by, I do a couple reps of close-grip chins. The key is to never go to failure and do it often throughout the day and the week. I’ll let you know how it works. Maybe it’s just what I need to make those biceps grow. I get tired of curling (or not curling) and not having them grow!

Thanks Nate, I beleive I’ll try that out sometime soon. Another project I have in the works for myself is an entire week of Swiss Ball (Mine is named “Coney Island Bill”) ONLY training. Should be interesting. Lata.

“Tap out…it’ll feel better”


I’ve found that I’m just the opposite. My tri’s respond very well to heavy weights, but my bi’s do better with higher volume and frequency. I do a lot of strip sets and supersets.

Fast Twitch type II muscle fibers response to heavy loads (lower reps) and longer rest periods…

Listen to Poliquins audio interview posted in the audio section of this site. You should find it useful!

Monkeyboy…just to clarify, if your biceps were predominantly fast-twitch then they would respond better to lower reps, not higher reps as you stated in your original. I’m not sure of any real good tests to determine fiber type composition, usually just trial and error. I have heard of using 80% 1RM to failure and the number of reps is indicative of fiber makeup. I think the average trainee would get around 6 to 8, but I’m not sure about that.

Listen to the audio interviews on this site for the Poliquin quote that nate is referring to. He says that flexor muscles are more predominately fast-twitch than extensors.

I’m with Hyok - My tri’s respond best to sets of 3-5, while my bi’s won’t respond to anything less than 12, and grow best using drop sets, 21’s, etc.

Hey, thanks fellow Manimals. I worked Bi’s 'n Tri’s yesterday going heavy with both I noticed today that while my tri’s are beautifully sore (you know the feeling) my biceps are completely apathetic. I do recall feeling a little more pump 'n pain with the 21’s method, so that will replace my heavy load the next time round. I’ll tell you what “pops up” (hopefully some more mass and some sick ass vaskularitee). Anyways, do you feel my lack of post-workout soreness in the bi’s is an indication of which I respond better to? Thanks again. BTW, greatest workout album EVER : Rollin’s Band “Get Some, Go Again”

“Tap out…It’ll feel better”