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Tired Of The Local Supp Stores?


It's been bothering me for a while, and always has bothered me. I walk into a GNC to get some protein powder, and the clerk behind the counter who has never taken a nutrition course in his lifetime tries to sell me a bunch of garbage. Useless supps that have a mimic name of a real, non OTC drug, "proprietary blends" of useless supps, nitric oxide products, and on and on.

I'm tired of it and look forward to the day that supplement stores which promote bodybuilding STOP promoting and selling the forsaken crap that every supplement company pumps out. Honestly, the company that makes the XP products and Biotest have got to be the only honest supp companies left that actually want to help the consumer.

Anyways, my rant is over.


Life revolves around the almighty dollar. Sad but true.


Plus the outrageous prices...


Hate to break it to you idealists, but the clerks at GNC make pretty meager earnings plus commission which is attached to certain products...this has two main effects.

1) It attracts those who cannot get a better paying job i.e. students, those without higher education, which often times means people who don't have the luxury to, nor the care to, be physique and health enthusiasts.

2) Employees are basically FORCED, unless they want to bring home an absolutely shitty paycheck, to sell certain items to get the commission.

That's the name of the game folks. Retail sucks, and as was mentioned above, its all about the Benjamins. Or in the case of GNC, the Jacksons.


That about sums it up, if we dont push certain products we get bitched at by some old guy who thinks he knows everything about nutrition/supplements, but in reality does not know jack shit other than what he reads on the back of the products themselves.

The GNC I work at does not sell that Iso Xp, but I think it is made my NxLabs, which is a very shady company themselves.


let me help




And yeah, what tveddy said.


Ummm... I can understand YOUR (clerk) situation. But that doesn't change the fact the things there are very overpriced. It wasn't personal, it's the company not you. Surely, you can agree with that.


I absolutely agree with you. I actually, in haste, clicked quote to your message, but I had intended to quote the OP. Wasn't insinuating anything towards you, Crusher, and I agree that GNC, being a retail store, is very overpriced.


See if there's a Vitamin Shoppe near you. I've been going to one instead of GNC and the experience is much better. Other than asking me if they can help find something, they leave me alone. Their selection is much better than GNC too.


I see you live in alberta. I'd head over to a Popeyes. In my experience all of the owners are weightlifters and know a lot. Sometimes they hire the odd scrawny guy who doesn't know as much to cover for them when they aren't there but there have been very few times that I have seen that.

They are all over alberta too as I think their HQ is Edmonton.


Fried chicken and biscuits are the ultimate mass building combination.


Sorry, Not that popeyes, but for some people I'm sure think that works.


I'll never get caught dead in a GNC for the afforementioned reasons above. The prices are terrible, they don't carry that many brands, and they hire unknowledgable people.


In some instances Vitamin Shoppe's are every bit as overpriced as GNC. And their staff is mostly comprised of the people who still think fat is bad for you and think they know more than anyone. Hell the local Vitamin Shoppe near me sells HRX for $79.99 a bottle. That's quite a markup. In almost any case trying to seek out the local supplement store (non-chain) will always be the better choice. I have a local store right near me that sells HRX for $49.99 a bottle. I haven't bought it there, as I support Biotest directly, but have thought about it.


Use teh internetz.

Seriously...you're already there.


Some people don't have credit cards and have no other choice. I'm actually a level 4 on here (not sure why it isn't showing up) so I order plenty. I do agree with you though that online is always a better bet than any store, if you are able to.


Get a bank account and get a debit? Or if you have shitty credit, buy a reloadable disposable debit card. Problem solved.


Joey, where in Alberta are ya? If you happen to be in or near Red Deer then let me know. I still work part time at a supplement shop from time to time and I guarentee you it will be cheaper than any other store in Alberta.


If you're in Canada, go to popeye's supplements. Every store I've been to here in ottawa, have educated clerks who all knwo their stuff. Monthly they get trained about nutrion. Also, alot of them do comps.