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Tired of T-Nation Haters


Coaches, I have been following this website since 2001/2002 when a college roomate introduced me, My interest has grown more and more over the years, I have one thing that disapoints me, while I don't purchase every supplement due to budget constraints amongst other things. The one thing I don't understand is why are there so many haters out there such as Lyle who sole purpose is to try and rip apart T-Nation/Biotest and any one affiliated with them Thibs, Shug, Cressey.

I will say one thing the programs that come out, interms of trarining work I have had my biggest gains following IBodybuilder, and I never purchased the Anaconda protocol, which leasds me to believe that I could of had bigger gains. I hope ppl realize that the stuff you put out is legit and if it isn't what is.. I had tovbent as I am tired of these socalled haters putting crap out there that doesn't add up. Thibs you are widely respected by me which means nothing same to Shugs and many other contributers.

I needed to put this out as I have grown frustrated over some of the stuff I read. I hope to get my hands on the Indigo 3G and enough peri workout to document produce and show that the schmucks out there are indeed jealous they can not contribue and hit a wide array of an audience. Thanks for all the work guys.


you posted this in the bodybuilding forum and they moved it to Get a Life, right? HMMMMM


At least they edited his post so it's readable now lol





the name's Bond, Preacher Bond


OP needs to pry some coach testicles from his mouth.


I am not exactly an authority when it comes to the English language, but I am not sure that you can "widely respect" someone all on your own.


Unless you're 700lb.


OP is 5'7" and weighs 385lbs. He's so big, when he swims he doesn't get wet, water gets him instead.


who is lyle?



Lyle McDonald - maker of RFD I'm pretty sure


^ that guy!


This better work...


Thanks for that larrydavid, you are a gentleman and a scholar.


It sure works for me.



The chick in that video(Rosa Acosta I believe) just got knocked up by the Kardashian girls younger brother.

This world SUCKS.....


I do what I can peeps.

All jokes aside OP we all know what you're attempting with this, but at least on my part I ain't even mad. Can't blame you for trying, right? Good luck bro.


Lest we forget what she looked like at her best: