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Tired of T&A on T-Nation


I've been lurking here for about a year now, and while I love the articles and information I can get from them, I'm a little turned off (heh) by the constant talk of T + A. Comes with the territory, I guess, but still... So, are there any other sites that have the same quality of articles as T-Nation that aren't as boob-focused?

Yes, I realize I'm opening a can of worms with this. Worth a try, though.




Huh? If anything I can see someone saying they don't like all the pics or avatars if they're browsing from work.

try www.lostmyballstraining.com


Have you caught teh ghey?


Try bodybuilding.com and leave us the fuck alone.


You must know why no one likes you.
I feel sorry for your father.


Yes, it's absolutely horrible. I woke up yesterday and realized I'd turned pink.


Did you know there are other forums besides Sex and the Male Animal, and the Get A Life forums?


You should go back to lurking.


yeah getsu, i've got your non-boob filled thread right here

what a doushe.


No, this site has some of the highest quality articles out there on a consistent basis.

Grow a pair.


There aren't a lot of sites with the same quality as T-Nation. There is an abundance of educated and dedicated people on this site determined to work as hard and smart as possible while in the gym.

Of course theres always the option of www.dick-nation.com, where youll find anything and everything about dicks!!! Seriously you name it: dick hats, dick coffee mugs, dick pencils, even decorative dick salami wrappings!!! Not very relative to bodybuilding I know, but very useful for birthdays and fathers day gifts!!! Unfortunately, all the information on bodybuilding really sucks, and all of the articles blow.




I have no idea what you're talking about......


Since you've been a member, the two times you have decided to create a topic is to let everyone know you don't like seeing boobs and that you really don't like to eat.

In all honesty, you're either my 6 year old nephew or your total T levels are somewhere around 15.


i dont wanna say that Live nailed it here, but......


more like the only time Live has nailed something...


Half-assed troll job methinks?


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And then they all lived happily ever after :slight_smile: