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Tired of Searching


So i am fairly new here and i was trying to search through the site for supplements that would be good for me. Well to make a long story short I got tired of it and I don't really have time anyways. I work 45-50hrs a week and pull down 15 credits in college (trying to be a Firefighter/Paramedic).
So in short I need a list of supplements that would be good for me.
Typical day for me is:
6:30am get up and go to school
11:00am get out of school-go to gym
12-1230 done with gym go home and study
430p-1230a work
and repeat

i am not looking for huge muscle mass or to gain lots of weight (6'1 200lbs). Need more energy and want to go for the fit/slim/cut look. I already have a Multi-vit., fish oil, green tea supp., and creatine. What else should I be taking?

Thanks just don't want to be a squid (motorcycle term squid=stupid+Kid).

Last thing where is a good place to buy/order this stuff. remeber college student=poooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!




Correction. stupid+kid+learned to ride on a litre bike+rides to look cool-helmet=Squid

To answer your real question, I would add some Grow! and Surge. Not much else you need, other than a solid nutrition plan.