Tired of Messing Around

Less than a week ago you said you preferred 5/3/1 to SS.

But then I decided to just make my own program so I can do what I want

Remember, beginner gains are a result of getting more skilled at the movement.

You are new to the move, so you get better rapidly at first, because you are “learning.”

This means you can get better, or make gains simply by getting workouts in. You can literally do the same weights for 2-3 weeks, and get “beginner gains” from brain skillz. You can make progress without adding weight.

This is a huge advantage! You get a “free” month to train without the possibility of stalling.

It seems like you’re more likely to stall from searching for the perfect plan then from having shad plan.

I’ll come back to this thread and share my results in like a month or 2

Create a log. You’ll talk yourself out of it within 6 weeks without support

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As former navy i did my boot camp in great Lakes in sept 23 plus airman school i got done right before x Mas, i was about 225 going in i was benching 385, i was jogging, swimming, after boot i could do 135 consecutive pushups, but only bench 275x3 my first weightlifting workout, i also lost 30 pounds. You need to do a lot calisthenics and jog like 2 miles three or four times a week, then while all the couch potatoes, are struggling you will pass with flying colors. Funny i just talked to dude today at gym we were both in sixth fleet out Mayport fl. What A school are you going to? If could do it all over i would choose Hull tech then go through dive school , underwater welders make bank, high school friend of mine made chief in ten years. Got out works for a private company, he works like 4 months a year, makes like 120 grand a year, and that was in 2006.

Submarine electronics computer field, I think the swimming is the only thing I need to work for to prepare for boot camp

Sub duty is good it was 1 month in two months off you just have to call in weekly and can sport a beard, i hope you’re under 6ft unless you like hitting you’re head all the time, and hot racking, i here the chow is best on sub, plus high paying jobs in technology fields when you are out, just don’t tell them you are allergic to bee stings as sub school in Orlando there were crazy bees, my friend couldn’t join because his skin had minor swelling after bee sting they consider it life threatening allergy, even though most people’s skin will swell after sting, even though he had after getting a 99 asvab, i am sure things have changed though . You are going to have a 10ft by 20ft weighroom, to share with 400 guys ,good luck to you soon to be squid, try going to Australia or Phillipines where girls fight over you.

I’m right at 6ft lol, and yea my recruiters said I got a pretty respectable job

Asvab over 85, make sure you post after boot, iam sure things are different now , ian the lion, good choice, don’t be cocky when the company commander drops you dont say which arm, do you want me to do pushups with.

I’m hoping to get fire technician, looks like a badass job. I’ve already scored a 67 on my asvab and got the job so why should I make an 85?

I think it opens up for more jobs, I am sure their are several differences now then 26 years ago, it tougher to get in now I’ve been told .

Btw I finished my first workout, I busted my ass but still left room for improvement. Do you compete in strongman?

I did for about two years, did okay in events i had implements for, i got into sport too early, have trained , and built better base 400 overhead 750 plus pull, i was honestly just outclassed, competing against monster’s like Phister, Gillingham, Baskin. Then i tore half left pec, stronman is a sport with a lot of, back injuries torn biceps. I have a physical job, how a make living. Got to meet a lot idols Magnussen, Ahola, Kazmier. That was cool watching Phil win wsm in 06 ,