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Tired of Boring Sandwiches?


Hi All,
I got a sandwich press for Christmas so I used it the other day.

I took a whole wheat pita and split it in two (so I only had one side) I then put on some smoked pulled chicken breasts I cooked on the bbq, roasted red peppers (in water), sliced tomaotoes, fresh basil and a small amount of goat cheese (3 g of fat per 1/2oz). I wrapped it up tight and put it in my hot sandwich press.

Talk about stellar. You may want to give it a try. Great for when you feel the need to cheat (depending on the diet you follow though your really not).


That was a cheat?

Learn the impressive power of making your own pizzas. I finally did so and I think Pizza Hut can kiss my ass from now on. The "garlic-oregano" Huntz tomato paste is the shit. Many layers of Mozzeralla cheese, barbecue beef, ground turkey, pepperoni and canadian bacon later, I was finally satisfied...without the amount of grease found in a pan pizza. You need cheat modification skills, man.


Cruz, seriously, I did a double-take when reading the "if you wanna cheat" statement. If you think pita (even whole-wheat?) and goat cheese makes the sandwich a cheat food, you're taking your diet way too seriously. If it's white bread and cheddar cheese, then you can start thinking of using "cheat" in your sentences.

Now it's my turn to do so. :smiley: Professor X, what do you use for your pizza's dough?


That ready made pizza crust does fine by itself (Boboli or similar). I can't even picture myself whistling in Italian as I toss dough into the air and catch it on my finger tips. The art is in how much shit you can stack on top, not in the making of the dough. They only suck because they don't make deep dish dough.


You cant?


I close my eyes and concentrate...and all I get are images of Angelina Joli and Beyonce wrestling in a giant bowl of Jell-o. I blame Sesame Street for my lack of imagination.


A number of pizza places will also sell you their dough, you just need to ask. One I got to sells a ball of dough for $5.00 and it makes a 22 inch pizza. That is enough to make 4 personal pizzas for me.

I don't do it often but I take the Prof X approach of stacking it with really good stuff like olives, jalapenos, canadian bacon and different cheeses along with different sauces.

Try one grilled.


Now that's a beautiful image...you just made my day!


Oh, okay. I was thinking more along the line of a less processed dough? Is that possible?


I think you just picked my first tattoo.


Does anyone really care? Why would I screw up a pizza by using "less processed dough"?


Dude - It's a fucking cheat food. If you are going to cheat, cheat!! Don't masturbate and call it cheating. Do the real thing.