Tired of Bodypart Splits Program

This is my new program that I have written up because I am burned out on bodypart splits and I feel I could make better gains on a push/pull type split. I have been lifting on and off for the last 10 years and have lost much that I have gained due to injuries. Anyways, here it is. Comments and critiques are appreciated.
Day 1 Push
BB Squat 1x15, 3x10 (bad knees can’t go to heavy)
BB incline bench 1x10, 3x6-8
DB shoulder press 3x8-10
BB close-grip bench 3x8-10
weighted pushups 3xfailure reps

Day 2 Pull
Power Clean 4x6-8
bb bent row 3x6-8
close grip chins 3x8-10
upright rows 3x8-10
db hammers 3x8-10

Day 4 Push
Front Squat 1x15 3x10-12
BB Military Press 1x10, 3x6-8
DB bench 3x8-10
Dips (2sets chest, 2sets tris)
Calf raises 3x12-15

Day 5 Pull
Deadlift 3x6-8
Pullups 3x8-10
Db row 3x8-10
bb curl 3x8-10
bb shrugs 3x8-10

I want to do light cardio each day because I want to have the all around fitness. As far as my diet goes, well it sucks right now and I know I need to get it in order. Thanks.

Put in a knee-flexion exercise on one of your pull days and you’re pretty much set - though I’d drop the upright rows in favor of something like DB shrugs or maybe power shrugs - think second pull of a clean set up in a power rack with VERY heavy weight that you’d never intend to get up to your shoulders.

Have fun,