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Tired of BillBoard Top 40


Anybody else out there vehemently NOT listen to any free BillBoard Top 40 stations anymore?

3 years ago, I decided I was done with BillBoard radio because I was tired of having to hear Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and a host of other mainstream bands over and over and over and over and over again. What eventually wore me down was the fact that "Hard Rock" stations would masquerade themselves as being "metal" and play lite rock shit like Train, Coldplay, 3 Doors Down and others. When your radio station is stealing from a lite rock station, it's pretty bad, IMO. I just realized that "BillBoard radio" has nothing to offer me. The next rap superstar (who likely will flop on the sophomore album from extreme overexposure), the meaningless pop music, and awful alternative "filler" music may fit the status quo, but I'd rather listen to something with meaning. Maybe it's my metal bias, but I just can't and won't listen to Hinder or Nickelback (for example) worshipped twice an hour by an awful DJ on an awful playlist.

I haven't listened to anything mainstream in 3 years and I'm happier than ever.

Anybody else out there hate Billboard radio stations?



man , I dont know shit about the radio business . but I would LOVE to take a crack at being the guy who decides what songs get played( title ? )

my station would be so far from friggin' Mainstraem America...probably go belly-up in a month...ya know ?


There are only 1 or 2 companies that own the majority of radio stations in the U.S. They decide what is played, and it is usually a fairly small list of songs. There are the same radio stations in each market, just with some different DJ's.


I have roughly 6,000 songs on my Ipod, some videos, and a few audio books. I am my own DJ.
I have just started adding audio books, they are great for long days at work. I can listen to them, keep myself entertained, and I seem to get more work done, because I can concentrate better.


You listen to the radio?

What's the matter, MP3 player busted?


Basically the Telecommunications Deregulation Act of 1996 let companies like Emmis Broadcasting and Clear Channel take over all the radio stations. Payola ensues in the form of the radio station giveaways and all the time is bought up by the major labels so you hear no local variety. It's big business you see?


I don't know, it doesn't bother me much. I don't purposely listen to any top 40 stations, but I don't avoid them either. The only time I really even listen to the radio is when I'm in the car, and then I usually have either sports radio or a college radio station on.


Clear Channel has ruined radio as we know it.

I'm reminded of how Ted Turner robbed us all. Satellite radio is just like cable. Something free gets ruined and we all justify paying for it.


Glad you found that place in your life. I haven't listened to any top 40 since I was...like....14. I do listen to rock stations though, b/c I have car with no cd player. Besides which, I'll listen to classic rock any day of the week. Even if it is the same hits over and over, they're still better than anything else these days. I like to keep my music trivia/arcane knowledge up to snuff. That necessitates some radio listening.

Still, I understand and agree exactly with you. It still pays to go on fishing expeditions every once in a while--if you can find a station that plays independent music in addition to some top 40 nonsense... That led to some great discoveries.


I used to give the local rock stations the benefit of the doubt, but when they play The Fray next to Disturbed and call themselves edgy, they lost me.

MP3's and Internet music exploration it is forever.


You're a badass


Thanks dude.


I thought As I Lay Dying was top 40? Not to flame, but I have little cousins listening to that stuff on MTV2...what gives?


Yeah and congrats to them for actually getting some mainstream exposure. The issue here was radio. Mainstream radio would probably in all likelihood NEVER play As I Lay Dying on the same station as "radio friendly" bands like The White Stripes and The Foo Fighters. TV is another issue, for another day.

That goes for most metal I listen to. I'd be damn surprised if there's a single radio station out there that will play any Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Lamb of God, and on and on. Too many fat, kankle sporting soccer moms would whine about "that damn devil music" if it were.


Well, whenever I listen to Harder/Faster or w/e the hell WAAF, the "hard rock" station here in the Boston area, I hear nothing than the metalcore stuff i.e. AILD, LoG, and Demon Burger, however, it'd be cool to listen to some Behemoth, alas BM Behemoth on the radio.


Holy shit, so there is a radio station out there that's playing some actual metal? Crazy. Sucks for those of us living in Oklahoma.


You guys just gotta chill and listen to country.


Sirius satellite radio - channel 27 "Hard Attack". 'Nuff said.


I'll take some Merle Haggard any day.


Nice! another LoG fan. I never listen to the radio, ever. If I'm driving it's either silence or music.