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Tired and Sore - Train Anyway?

I’ve trained the last 4 days straight. Usually I have a day off or two but my schedule can be hectic so when I can get it in I do. This weeks rep range is 4-6 reps on all my sets plus I added in some drop sets to get more reps and more blood to the muscles. I am pooped today though! It’s the last workout of the week and trap bar deadlift is my first lift which I plan on pushing (pulling) pretty hard.

Question: when feeling sore and run down, train through it or take the day off? If I remember correctly Thibadeau is an advocate that your body will adapt to the intense workouts with few rest days. However that’s with optimal supplementing such as MAG-10 and Plazma which I can’t afford at the present time.

What’s your weekend look like?

If you’re forced to take Sat and Sun off, then get a workout in today.

If you can workout Sat or Sun, take the day off.

That’s the problem I don’t think I will be able to get it in this weekend.

Fuck it I’m going now. Thanks!

That was awesome.