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Tired and Confused.


Hi everyone, I am 19 and a skinny bitch and I am tired of it. I box and do Jiu Jitsu and am tired of being tossed around like a rag doll. I belong to a crappy gym and do not lift. I do not life because what is the point of lifting if I am doing it wrong. I have researched a lot of these forums but there is just so much to take in that I am confused. What I have grasped though is push pull and compound over isolation.

Now should I do a full body workout that involves squats, dead lifts, bench press, pull ups, rows and dips? or am I completely wrong? And if I am somehow right what order what I even do that in and is it physically possible to do all that in one day? I want to workout but I want to do it right. Please help!!


if u continue to do all ur martial arts u will have to mix lifting into that, if u can say only do 2 days, id go with full body if u can do 3 id say maybe 2 upper, one lower since martial arts requires lots of leg bouncing around uw ouldnt want to be to tired


You were exactly right on your workout plan, except for the addition of OH press.

This is what you need:

w/ the addition of a whole lot of food. You should be eating like it is a chore.

The hard part will be balancing your priorities as the lifting may beat you up and decrease your martial arts performance, and the martial arts will cut into your recovery from lifting.

You're young though and you might be able to get away with doing both.

Give it a shot at least and you will make both bodyweight and strength gains rather quickly if you aren't afraid to eat.


Well I think I am going to try and do full body workouts twice a week. I may increase it to three depending on whether or not I can handle it.


Pull Ups
Overhead Press

If I missed an exercise please let me know and please give the correct order in which to do them in please!


cut row, u have deads and pullups are enough, possibly alternate deads with power cleans since u do martial arts good explosion?


You will stall on this workout within 5 weeks. Do Starting Strength, you won't regret it.


Starting strength?


starting strength is in the link theuofh gave you up there


Yeah that's a sick workout that makes sense.


Yeah, if you really need to, do it twice a week like you said. But try and do it as laid out. The increased strength in your legs, posterior chain, and back from squatting should really help when grappling. Don't stress about it too much, just focus on getting stronger in your lifts and kicking ass in your training.

And eat and sleep.


Pull Ups
Overhead Press

I think this is too much for one workout. I'd toss out either dips or the overhead press (overhead press in my case). I'd also do deads one workout and squats the next, because, personally, doing both in one day is too draining for me..


I think I am going to do Starting Strength it seems like the perfect thing for me. Should I go out and buy the books? And do you guys have any recommendations for me about it? The only thing about it though is I don't think I would do the Power Cleans so would I substitute that with Rows and when would I do dips or pull ups or are they not even apart of it? Abs?


Buying the book is recommended. Chances are, you can get all you need in this awesome thread...

Starting Strength: The Guide

But it's worth it to get the finer points of technique. Power cleans are a more athletic lift, and to subsitute rows is only acceptable if you are constitutionally incapable of doing them (or, for some reason, you just want to do rows. But seriously, PC's are better).


This is going to sound noobish but looking at that workout is looks like your lats an upper back aren't getting hit. Correct me if I am wrong please.


Oh, your back will get hit. Hard. Rows, deadlifts, and chinups will make your back wide & thick. You'll find those exercises are pretty much the staple of anyones back training.