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Tired after Training

I’ve been having a problem with being tired after training here lately. I get so jacked up during my workout because i train westside and i have to get myself jacked up to perform those max singles. Then after my workout is over i get really tired. I dont think i’m overtrained because the next day i feel fine, and i also keep improving literally every workout since i switched to westside 6 weeks ago. All three of my lifts are way higher than my previous maxes. So does anybody have an idea why i might be so tired after training?

Could it just be your CNS? I know when I do max lifts I get really tired, but not muscle fatiqued kind of tired. It’s like my brain is fried.

Binford, Assuming you’re talking about the heavy days, it’s obvious you’re putting a huge drain on your Central Nervous System. Are you getting good food after your workout? Sorry to sound like a puppet, but NOTHING beats Surge after a huge CNS workout. I imagine something with lots of Tyrosine (like Power Drive) would help jump start your enegy levels also.

Read the responses to my “Post-workout exhaustion” thread. I had a very similar problem and got lots of good advice.

Are you kidding me. “I feel tired after lifting”. No kidding, you should, isn’t that what working out is all about. Tearing your body down to make it better. This is absolutely ridiculous. If you continue to make gains and your not getting sick, chances are your CNS is fine. What has this industry come to, we are discussing a person being tired after a workout!

i get the same way. im sure that mine is due in part to my postworkout drink. I always feel as if im going to pass out after i drink it and i chill for a bit. I try to get a nap in during this time as i sleep very well then. Measure everything by your max effort lifts. If they are going up, then you are doing fine.

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I didn’t mean just tired of course you should be tired after training but i mean like sleepy tired, like almost falling asleep tired. And i drink a post workout shake that consists of 1 serving of pro lab N-large, 5 grams of creatine, and i eat an orange.

If you’re training in the afternoon and don’t have any essential activities try taking a nap afterward. Whenever I have time I train, down some Surge, take an hour nap, and then have a meal. Damned if it doesn’t do wonders for me.