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Tired After Breakfast!

I just feel really tired after my breakfast for some reason!!! although I had a very good enough sleep, it’s just when I have my breakfast I feel lazy and just wana get back to bed , I’m not really getting it?. Any one had such feeling.?


I just have my 6 white eggs

half cup of soya milk

south beach diet (cereal) with 4 spoons of oats

banana or any mixed fruits

few allamonds
low fat cheese
half cup of yogurt if im still hungry

any thing wrong here

You seem to be showing some insulin resistance. Have your fasting glucose levels tested. So keep your meals high protein, low carbs. You’ll feel better. As for what you list as breakfast, keep or add the following:

-eggs(keep some or all of the yolks)
-small amt of low fat cheese
-include a multivitamin
-include an omega-3 supplement

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To add to bushy’s comment, do you wake up and toss and turn during the night? I found ZMA to really help with my sleep quality. I might wake up once a night now, instead of 4-5 times.