Tired 24/7

[quote]Sxio wrote:
Set your alarm to wake up early every day. Start the day with a good breakfast high in fibre, chase that with a strong coffee and go do something.

If you have absolutely nothing else to do, go to the gym, but doing it first thing could be hard on your back.

Definitely hit the gym every 2nd day. Force yourself. A half arsed workout will still cause a hormore release, which will help you come good again. Don’t try to set any records in the gym until you feel 100%, just going there and getting a pump is enough.

Drink tons of water, eat a salad at least once a day, and hit the sack when you feel tired.

It will take a while to get out of what you’re in, but doing someething like the above will help get you there.

Of course professional help… yada yada yada[/quote]

very good advice thank you… workouts release hormones?

If you’re tired all the time and not living the lifestyle of a college frat boy then you might have some thyroid issues.

Are you moving around a lot? If not, that could be your problem.

To be honest, I feel my strongest in the gym after a decent laborous day at work busting up foundation floors with a sledgehammer to replace main drains. It’s not slave-like labor, but gets the blood flowing pretty good.