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Tired 24/7


Hello, Im 17 years old
140 lbs

Every day it seems like im really tired, no matter what i do. First off, i have a waterbed and goto sleep around 12:30am average wake up around 11:30am every morning. I feel like crap when i wake up, i dont feel like eating anything because i feel like vomiting, i try to set my alarm to wake up at a earlier time and when i hear it in the morning i just shut it off and go back to sleep.. it seems like im in a very deep sleep. ive tryed everything, energy drinks.. vitamins, even went to bed at 10 one night.. woke up at 10:30 the next morning and i was tired all day more or less.. for what its worth, i kinda feel like im stoned in a way, like a space case... any feedback is appreciated. plz dont flame me , this is a very serious problem.



Go to your doctor and get checked out. You could have some hormonal issues that need to be addressed; low testosterone or an underactive thyroid.


Could be so many things. Depresion, sleep apnea, etc. You wont find answers here, you need to see the doctor.


Set your alarm to wake up early every day. Start the day with a good breakfast high in fibre, chase that with a strong coffee and go do something.

If you have absolutely nothing else to do, go to the gym, but doing it first thing could be hard on your back.

Definitely hit the gym every 2nd day. Force yourself. A half arsed workout will still cause a hormore release, which will help you come good again. Don't try to set any records in the gym until you feel 100%, just going there and getting a pump is enough.

Drink tons of water, eat a salad at least once a day, and hit the sack when you feel tired.

It will take a while to get out of what you're in, but doing someething like the above will help get you there.

Of course professional help... yada yada yada


If you are getting 11 hrs sleep and you get the odd 12 hr sleep, I'd say your body is used to sleeping and you aren't getting out of this deep sleep very well. Bed at about 11 and up at 7 or 8 for a few weeks with an alarm should help you shrug all that mega sleeping off. I know if I do what you described when not working I feel like I could jsut go back to bed once I've had my breakfast and everything becomes a chore.

When your alarm goes off, you can do something like switch the tv on and watch in bed or read, rather than getting up immediatly.In the past I've even had a tea making machine on a time switch and the telly on timer so waking up felt more pleasant. I know it can be tough getting up, particularly if you have a crap job. If I can't get to sleep at night if I'm too wired from workouts I listen to some music on headphones.

I work for myself, but still have to get up with my son, who is 'ping' wide awake as soon as his eyes open. Several mornings of watching the Wiggles on Nickelodeon Jnr and some decent coffee does the trick for me. It tougher in winter when its dark and cold outside, nothing beats waking up in Summer with the sun shining in your room.


if you have the resources go get checked out. They are a great number of sleep disorders out there that will prevent you from ever getting a restfull nights rest. I've been dealing with this for years and it sucks ass. If nothing else I would get into a normal sleeping schedule, try to get to bed earlier and get up earlier. Also physical activity will improve your energy levels, though posting on this site I would imagine you allready at least lift.

get checked out and it is likely doctors can do something to at least help.


That's how I felt my freshman and sophomore year of high school. During my junior year however, I really stepped my diet up a notch and began eating higher quality foods (and much more of it). I started increasing the intensity and volume of my workouts as well.

I haven't felt crappy since, unless I sleep less than 6 hours.


see a doctor.


Need to go see a doctor. It sounds like depression. The more exercise you get the better you will be.

Years ago when I was a lot younger, I used to do the same thing. I suffer with depression and I take meds for it. Medication and exercise is the best thing. Force yourself to do something.



I concur with the "see a doctor" advice. There are dozens, if not hundreds of medical/psychiatric problems that could be causing this. However, you have to accept that the doctors may never be able to find a definite cause.

That means do everything in your power to combat this. Clean up your diet, train religiously, purge any serious vices, like smoking or alcohol abuse(Iknow your 17 but Ive seen younger drunks). Focus on goals...meaning go to college, go in the service, start in the workforce, whatever.

Also, I would actually sleep less. Ive read many times where excesive sleeping is tied to lethargy. I cant imagine many people needing 11-12 hours of sleep. Try 8-9 and see what happens.

Good luck.


I have the same problem, including the stomach thing which could be ulcer related. I go with a protein shake concoction since I can't eat anything solid.

Anyway, I went to a sleep specialist because I was feeling tired all the time. They told me I had narcolepsy based on the sleep study results. Bottom line is, go see a doctor.


Get less sleep. I know that kind of doesn't make sense, but I know when I get a lot of sleep (10+ hrs) I'm in a fog. I think I operate a lot better on 8 hours of sleep. You can try seeing a doctor, but I'd advise against medication- I'm sure there's a natural way to solve this. Maybe that's just me though.


Could be depression.

Go to bed early every night. You only went to bed at 10 once. You should do that every night.

Wake up when the sun comes up and go outside and get some sunlight even if it is cold as hell. go for a walk of something.

Get a job or do some volunteer work. Anything to get you moving.

Get exercise every day.


Don't see a doctor. Get less sleep. It's that simple. If you go with less sleep for awhile and still are tired, then you may have a problem.

Also, depression is a symptom, not a cause.


I am an ex-cardio adict. When I switched from my cario routine to strictly strength training, and anaerobic activites, I felt as though I was tired more often. Personally, it seems as though cardio energizes me, while a heavy strength training workout zaps my energy levels. What kind of work outprogram are you on?