Tire Work Outs

I have just got my 7’by 3’combine tire to start working out with does any body have any good workouts other then just fliping it ?

Flip it jump, jump into the center and jump out the other side. turn and flip it back.

With a partner. Stand the tire up and push it back and forth. This will quickly turn into a game of try to knock the other guy on his ass.

Drill a hole in it and put an “ëye” bolt in it. Get a tug of war rope and attach to the “eye” bolt. Sit on the ground and pull hand over hand.

Attach a harness and drag.


Thanks did not think about pulling it

Great ideas TNT!

Here’s one…

get a sledge hammer and beat the hell out of it

7 feet tall? 3 feet wide? That’s a huge fucking tire! Good luck flipping it! :wink: