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Tire Weight


If my max dead is 215, max clean 130, max military 95, how heavy of a tire should I get (for flipping? I want to be able to flip it three or four times.

Also, is there anyway (besides a heavier tire) of progressive overload for tire flipping?


I replaced the back tires on the tractor a year ago, and kept one of them to use to flip. It works fine. It is a 26 inch tire. I don't know how much it weighs, but I can flip it about 15 times in a row. It is a real good aerobic/all around workout.

As far as adding weight to a tire, I don't think you can do that. You might just have to trade it in and get a larger one. Most places will give them away, just to get rid of them. The only hard part is getting the SOB home. My suggestion is go someplace that has some tires, and try flipping them. Get one you can just barely get up, and use it for a while. I have some 12.00 x 20's here at work I would just love to give someone. They would probably work great for a woman. They are too light for me.


I just got back from the NSCA conference in Vegas and saw a couple of presentations on tires. This may help you choose a weight.

According to some coaches from the Poliquin Performance Center East, 600 pound+ tires = advanced athlete and strongman. 840 pounds is the biggest tire at the center. 400-600 pounds is about average.

Also, a coach at the US Air Force Academy has developed loadable tires. I'm trying to get some pics from him now for the upcoming article. Stay tuned.


That sounds wicked! Definitely looking forward to hearing more.