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Tire Training


Hey guys,

I'm looking to get into some tire flipping training. Has anyone got any experience using this training method? I train with a 16kg kettlebell, what size/ weight tire should I look to get?



The weight of the tire you can flip will depend on your deadlift.

However the tire you get will depend on your goals.

Are you doing this primarily for strength or conditioning?


I spent 2 months working on tire flipping, I didn't notice any benefits out of doing it. I was using a 550lb tire and got up to sets of 10 flips (started with 3). Just felt like a less effective, more sketchy deadlift.

Tire flipping has been noted for injuring people's biceps, be careful.

Here's a couple articles:




I dont do deadlifts because I have a knee injury (Osgoodschlatters), I use kettlebells.


If you are interested in tire training, let me know what your goals are and I will be able to guide you.

Since you can't deadlift heavy weight, you will not be able to flip a heavy tire either because that will also hurt your knee.

I have a 200 lb tire that I do max reps for timed sets and it gives me an excellent conditioning workout. 200 lbs is extremely light and anyone can do it, but you can make it into a tough workout.
I think the perfect weight for conditioning workouts would be around 300 lbs. Heavy enough that you can't just toss, but light enough that it's not requiring max stregnth and putting strain on your injured knee.


I tried to PM you but it didn't work. So do you think a 200lb tire would be suitable for me, how big would that tire be? Cheers.

As for my goals, i'm looking for great pushing strength and I hear tire flips build killer forearms.


with that knee injury, you might wanna rethink tire flipping especially since you dont deadlift. Do you RDL at all? Also check out a system called Combat core. It was created by a strength and conditioning coach specifically for MMA.


The site is all about selling, but the techniques in the system are solid. Your standard tractor tire should work, but again, talk to your doc before you get too serious with it. It does put a ton of stress on the knee and connective tissue. If you look hard enough and know how to take advantage of the internet, you might be able to find a copy.


I agree wtih admbaun, you should be careful with your knee. But I am sure you know what you are doing.

Anyways, as far as weight goes, yes 200 will be excellent. You can get different sizes but I'd say the bigger the better. But this will become primarily a conditioning workout for you. You will not develop any significant pushing power from such a light weight. You forearms however, will get a hell of a workout.


200lbs? that sounds a tad light.

the post i was at for the last few weeks had a couple of big tires. spent a few rotations doing them for extra pt. not sure what it worked specifically but i was dead freaking tired (get it?) after 10 reps.

i thought someone had taken some cool pics of it as well. oh well.



What's the logic behind having a tire that is at least up to knee height. I don't understand how that would make any difference in the flip because either way we are going to be lifting from the ground. Can someone please explain?