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Tire question for the auto enthusiasts...

It’s a long shot, but anyone on the forum have any experience with Pirelli P Zero Nero M+S tires? I need a new set, and these are my first choice, but I’d like some feedback from anyone who uses them.



I don`t know about how bad winters are where you live, but here M+S tires in winter are an unnecessary added risk. M+S can do the job for the rest of the year, where performance is not an issue.

Just my 2 cents, coming from where winter is a real bitch.

i have a nice set of “big o’s.”

I live in SF, so rain is my only winter issue, but spend a lot of time in Lake Tahoe/Reno. I need the M+S designation to get through chain control. My only other alternative is snow tires, but that’s overkill in this situation.

What kind of car do you have…It makes a big difference in what kind of tires to get.

It is very dependent on what your needs are and the vehicle you are using them on.

They are a great tire, if you will be going somewhat off road, snow etc… But if you are looking for a long lasting tire they are not the way to go.

Sorry P-dog, but with the Big O tires you are getting what you pay for, they are a lower priced tire.

Just fig’d I would add that I was until six months ago in/around the tire industry for the whole of my life, if that helps any.

As far as brands I would suggest.

For a car I would look at Continental, Larimie, and Cooper in that order, for a evryday tire. Kumho and Continental for high performance.

As for trucks. Most will probably think I am crazy for this but for the best heavy truck tire for everyday use and lasting Firestone is by far ahead of the rest. Just dont get the Wildeness A/t, Look at the steeltex. Cooper also makes a good truck tire for everyday use. As far as off road I would look at some of the off brands such as Big O and Seiberling, etc. No matter what tire you get in this area it just wont last up to everyday use. The compounds just arent made for it.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the responses, guys. I’m driving an Audi TTR, quattro. Phill, my other tire choice was the Continental Extreme Contacts. I was leaning toward the Pirellis b/c of feedback I received from other TT and S4 drivers that the Conti’s dry grip was the big drawback on the tire, and most of my driving will be in dry conditions.

Wear/long-lasting-ness is my lowest priority. And silly as it seems, I need the M+S designation on the tire somewhere…I’ve seen people turned back at chain control without it, even with aggressive tread.

Look at the Michelin Pilot A/S, not sure if they have M+S on them, I am almost positive that they do. A little more expensive, but AMAZING tire, truly amazing. Wet, dry, any traction is great, and even better high perfomance results than with Pilot performance summer tire (the non-A/S model). Really do give this a look and check it out, it will honestly change the way your car handles. I didn’t believe it, but now I don’t know if I would by any other tire. Should be great on the little TT.

Oh, it does have the M+S, so look into it, easily the best tire out there. A good reason they are standard issue on Porsche 911 Turbo S…

Get the P-Zeros…They are perfect for your car.