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Tire Press?

Aside from the fact that it looks cool as fuck, I’m interested in incorporating some strongman stuff into my training later this year.

Does anyone have any idea where one could get, for lack of a better term, tire plates? Would you need a special bar? Or do you just make it yourself?

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the tires just a cheap substitute for bumper plates? Usually the tires have a larger diameter, as well.

I had a homemade super-yoke that I made of flanged pipes and tires. It worked quite well. I would put the tires on the bottom to cushion the impact and stacked the weights on top of the tires.

Not sure where to buy them, but they should be incredibly easy and cheap to make yourself. Go to a salvage yard or used tire store and get a set of crappy tires with the wheels still attached. Go to home depot find 2 large washers that fit the diameter of your barbell sleeve. Drill the washers into the wheel on each side and you’re done.

The main differnce is the bar is an axle, 2" around or bigger with no bearings.

Just buy a 7ft length of steel to make one.

I plan on making some tire bumpers soon I have heard one way is to get a 10lb plate drill some holes in it and nut and bolt the rim to the plate.

Pretty much what I figured. I’ll make 'em myself, then.