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Tire Flips are a Full Body Workout

is it just me, or does anyone else feel that tire flips are a full body workout? i love doin them i just thought id ask…

for truck pulls in strongman, to practice for that, do you actually pull like your own truck, or what do you do?
right now im just pullin a sled with as much weight as i can.

Yes, they are.

I think that a great workout is hitting the shift key when I start a sentence. Makes the forearms hyoooge.

Heavy sled drags will help with truck pulling. In my experience, pulling a truck is far easier than pulling a heavy sled, simply because a truck doesn’t keep coming to a dead stop and will have some roll to it (assuming you aren’t pulling a fully loaded semi and trailer).

Are tire flips full body? almost.

Not a whole lot of lat involvement, and the pressing motion of pushing it over once it’s up isn’t nearly as intense as the explosive lift up.

Or I just need to find a bigger, heavier tire.

i think tire flips are a good full body workout. …